NEWS FLASH: Poll shows Tea Party Popularity Among Americans Plummeting

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Poll: Tea Party Less Popular Than Muslims, Atheists, 21 Other Groups

The debt ceiling deal has left the Tea Party more disliked than ever, as a recent New York Times poll shows. In April, 2010, 21 percent of Americans approved of the Tea Party while 18 percent disapproved of it. Now, 20 percent approve while a stunning 40 percent disapprove of it. Ironically, the conservative movement is now more unpopular than two often-marginalized groups it sometimes rails against — Muslims and atheists — and is the least popular of the 23 groups the poll asked about:

The Tea Party ranks lower than any of the 23 other groups we asked about — lower than both Republicans and Democrats. It is even less popular than much maligned groups like “atheists” and “Muslims.” Interestingly, one group that approaches it in unpopularity is the Christian Right.

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barbara August 17, 2011 at 9:15 pm

Yet, this has not been evidenced by any lack of coverage by the MSM. Any time more than 2 teahadists gather, they make news. And the thuggier they are the more coverage they get.


Allen Lewis August 17, 2011 at 9:49 pm

Religion has on place in government, don’t take my rights to chose from me. If I want to be any realign I want I can, if I want to cary a gun I can, if I want to grow pot and smoke it I should be able to, If I want to be gay and get married I can, if I have something growing in side of me and I want it removed I can, (I could go on). It’s about victimless crimes, please don’t tell me that something that has not taken a breath is alive. I respect your views and I would hope you do the same for me. Government has no right in these matters. It seems to me it’s all about control, and I don’t want any part of it. If I’m not causing you any harm with how I live my life than leave me alone, if I am than the death penalty is the way to go, we spend way to much money keeping pricks in prison that should be put to death.


unWASHEdwalmaRtthONG August 18, 2011 at 10:49 am

I’m an atheist, & I disapprove of me also.


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