Bob Filner Easily Wins OB Rag Mayor Poll

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For most of last week, the OB Rag ran our latest San Diego mayoral election poll, and Bob Filner won it easily hands down.  He garnered 46.7% of the vote which included 169 respondents.

None of the above” was also a choice, and it came in second with 17.2%.

Among the Republicans running, Carl DeMaio topped the field with a meager 13.6%, followed by Nathan Fletcher with a single-digit of 8.3%, and then Bonnie Dumanis bringing up the rear with 7.1%.  Combined, the GOP candidates won 29% of the vote.

This poll gives credence to the view that Bob Filner could win the election outright at the primary in June 2012. Now, of course, we all know OB Rag readers are not your typical slice of San Diegans, as many are progressives, liberals, or independents.

We also had a category of “Don’t live within the City of San Diego“, and that received 7.1%.  If we remove that category and the category results from “None of the above”, Filner has even a higher proportion of the votes – 61.2%.

With such a high “none of the above” polling, the vote does reflect a dissatisfaction with the candidates that are in the race.  In a similar poll run by the OB Rag last February, Donna Frye won.

Here is the poll in its entirety that ran from August 20 through the 27th.

If the City of San Diego’s mayoral election was held today, which of these major candidates would you vote for? (Please only vote for a candidate if you live within San Diego.)

  • Carl DeMaio (R)

23 –13.6%

  • Bonnie Dumanis (R)


  • Bob Filner (D)


  • Nathan Fletcher (R)


  • None of the above (and I live in San Diego).


  • Don’t live within the City of San Diego.


Total Votes: 169 – 100%; Poll started August 20, 2011, ended August 27.

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OB law(yer) August 30, 2011 at 10:53 am

How about a simulated “run-off” that includes Donna Frye?

Donna vs….. anyone you have listed or even the entire field.

Might be interesting!


editordude August 30, 2011 at 11:14 am

OB lay(yer) We did that in February. Here’s the link:


editordude August 30, 2011 at 11:15 am

Here are the results of a poll that we published in Feb:
Survey USA has released its poll on “favorable” ratings for different San Diego politicians who could campaign for the Mayor’s office in San Diego, the election in 2012.

In the “favorable” opinion of those 515 registered voters polled, Donna Frye has the highest rating:

Donna Frye ……….. 44%

Bonnie Dumanis …. 31%

Bob Filner …………. 30%

Christine Kehoe ….. 28%

Carl DeMaio ……….. 27%

Nathan Fletcher …. 20%

Kevin Faulconer …. 20%

Steve Francis ……… 13%


RB August 30, 2011 at 3:41 pm

My crystal ball has Filner winning the general election with less than 50% of the vote and losing to the top Republican (Dumanis or De Maio) in the run off. The top issue will be pension reform and Filner will be hurt by his opposition to the DeMaio/Sanders/Faulconer plan, that will pass. All the candidates will support a stadium for the Chargers.


RBNeedsHelp August 30, 2011 at 4:30 pm

RB That must be one of those eight balls you shake and then it gives you a answer to base your dreams on. Maybe Carl and Bonnie did not notice, but the Republican party has moved way to the right as part of the Tea Party makeover. This shift to the religious right is not interested in supporting candidates that are NOT in heterosexual relationships. I think if you shake your 8 ball one more time it will display that Carl & Bonnie now find themselves OUT with no party to back them. The sad thing in all of this, is that Carl & Bonnie could have done great things for the LGBT community had they not taken the rights bait.


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