NO CUTS ! Tuesday. Noon. Get out there in front of your Congressional Rep’s office

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Tuesday. Noon. Get out there!

Find your representative’s office here

Last weekend, it became 100% clear that Republicans would rather see America default, Social Security payments stopped, and unemployment soar ever higher than give an inch on their position: The very richest people and most profitable corporations shouldn’t pay one penny more in taxes.

House Leader John Boehner walked out of another meeting, and President Obama appears ready to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits to appease the Republican base. Now is not the time for political theater, or further undermining the social safety net that so many Americans depend upon.

American Dream MovementRallies large and small in all 435 Congressional districts will be held at noon Tuesday—today—at local Congressional offices. (Find your representative’s office here.) This is an “All Hands On Deck” effort with no one “coordinating” it.

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Terrie Leigh Relf July 26, 2011 at 6:31 pm

Seriously?! One of these days, I hope they realize that rampant unemployment and all these cuts affects everyone. . .

On another, but related topic, I’m currently on unemployment and didn’t qualify for medicare or foodstamps. . .I get too much money, according to the county, to receive these benefits. If I received $1175 or less, I would qualify. . .

So, the job search continues!


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