ComicCon 2011: Saturday costume session

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After taking in a day at ComicCon as a passive observer — and then taking a day off to recuperate (and return to the work force) — I made a second trip to the San Diego Convention Center on Saturday for another round of the madness.

This time, my buddy Alan dressed as Marty McFly, the character Michael J. Fox played in Back to the Future. My wife Kirsten dressed as Jennifer, Marty’s girlfriend in the 1985 film. I donned a gray wig and white scrubs to play the role of Doc Brown, who was played by Christopher Lloyd in the movie.

ComicCon 2011 Gaslamp

headed Back to the Future - and to the Convention Center

The crowds on Saturday felt more dense than on Thursday, both inside and outside the ‘Con.

ComicCon 2011 exterior

San Diego Convention Center, home of ComicCon

ComicCon 2011 San Diego Convention Center

sample of ratio of costumed-to-non-costumed

This young man reminded me a of a T-shirt from back in the 1990s that said “Tom Cruise is NOT Lestat”:

ComicCon 2011 vampires dont sparkle

Don't ask him if he went to the Twilight panel

Inside, we got some positive feedback on our costumes (though one woman told Alan he looked “more like Ben Stiller than Michael J. Fox”). We did a lot of posing, both for pictures requested by others and for poses we requested ourselves.

ComicCon 2011 back to the future storm trooper

we used the force on this weak-minded fool

ComicCon 2011 San Diego back to the future

random mascot moment

ComicCon 2011 planet of the apes back to the future

her Planet of the Apes costume was one of the best we saw

We found both of the Deloreans from the Back to the Future trilogy (one from the first installment and one from the third installment). We also met Claudia Wells, who played Jennifer, Marty’s girlfriend, in the original Back to the Future. “Great Scott!”

ComicCon 2011 delorean back to the future

"You made a time machine... out of a Delorean?!"


Flux Capacitor San DIego ComicCon 2011 back to the future

"The flux capacitor makes time travel possible!"

Claudia Wells at ComicCon 2011 back to the future

I think this photo was best $10 I've ever spent

My favorite merchandise booth was the one selling sexually-transmitted-disease-themed plush toys:

ComicCon 2011 microbes plush toys

"Catch them all!"

As always, best part of ComicCon was the people-watching, both in and out of the convention center.

ComicCon 2011 pink hair


ComicCon 2011 convention floor

walking all day = surprisingly tiring

ComicCon 2011 zombie walk dog

"Why must I feel like that..."

ComicCon continues on Sunday before adjourning until 2012…

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