Tell California Governor Jerry Brown to Sign SB 104 and Protect Farm Workers

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From the United Farm Workers

Our vital bill, the Fair Treatment for Farm Workers Act (SB 104) has passed the CA Senate and Assembly and will shortly go to Governor Jerry Brown.

The United Farm Workers has won solid laws to protect California farm workers who provide more than half of our nation’s produce. But with over 400,000 field workers migrating among 80,000 farms, these laws have not and cannot be enforced by the state of California.

The Fair Treatment for Farm Workers Act will ensure the laws on the books do become the laws in the fields. This new law will make it easier for farm workers to have a union and thus have the opportunity to speak up and protect themselves.

Without this bill, farm workers will continue to face unbearable conditions and pressure. Many workers don’t have access to basic things like shade, water, heat training or even breaks during the hot summer days. And nothing will change. Wage and hour violations will continue. Overexposure to pesticides will go unchallenged. Sexual harassment will remain rampant and the health crises caused by a lack of sanitation and lax safety standards will continue to plague farm workers.

You can help change these conditions today. Sign our petition to tell California Governor Jerry Brown to sign this bill into law. Let’s give the California farm workers, who feed our nation, the basic protections every worker deserves.

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