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Editor: Our friends at the East County Magazine have compiled a list of red-light equipped cameras at San Diego County intersections.  Here’s that list below (we rearranged it somewhat to emphasize the City of San Diego first).

by East County Magazine / May 9, 2011

Getting a ticket for running a red-light equipped with camera can be a costly mistake, with fines that can run hundreds of dollars in some areas. Fortunately, ECM reader Jan Hedlun has compiled a list of locations for all red-light cameras in San Diego County–including East County, North County, and other communities in our region.

Check out our handy guide to red-light camera locations below, then pass this link along to other drivers.


Central City, Downtown, North Park and Harbor areas:

10th and F Street

10th Avenue and A Street

28th Street and Harbor Drive

43rd Street and University Avenue

Cleveland and Washington

Grape Street and Harbor Drive

H Street and Broadway

Harbor Drive and 32nd Street

Harbor Drive and Grape Street

Imperial Avenue and 60th Street

North Park Boulevard

Pacific Highway

Rosecrans Street and Nimitz Boulevard

Rosecrans Street and Pacific Highway

Taylor Street and Rosecrans Street

Washington and Cleveland

Clairemont and Kearny Mesa:

I-805 and Balboa Avenue

Balboa Avenue and Kearny Villa Road

Balboa Avenue and Ruffner Street

Convoy and Clairemont Mesa

Kearny Villa Road and Balboa

Clairemont Mesa Boulevard and Convoy Street

College Area:

College Avenue and College Grove Drive

54th Street and Montezuma Road

Montezuma and Collwood

La Jolla:

Genesse Avenue and N. Torrey Pines Road

La Jolla Villa Drive and University Town Center

La Jolla Village Drive and Torrey Pines Boulevard

Noble and I-805 South on Ramp

North Torrey Pines Road and Genesee Avenue

Towne Centre Drive and La Jolla Village Drive

Linda Vista:

Genessee and Park Mesa Way

Mira Mesa:

Black Mountain Road and Mira Mesa Road

Mira Mesa Boulevard and Black Mountain Road

Mira Mesa Boulevard and Scranton Road

Mira Mesa Boulevard and Westview Parkway

Miramar Road and Miramar Mall

Westview Parkway and Mira Mesa Boulevard

Mission Valley:

Camino del Rio and Qualcomm Way

Camino del Rio North and Qualcomm Way

Camino Del Rio South and Mission Center Road

Qualcomm Way and Rio del Norte South

Pacific Beach:

Garnet Avenue at Mission Bay Drive

Grand Avenue and Mission Bay Drive

Serra Mesa:

Aero Drive and Murphy Canyon Road


El Cajon:

2nd and Madison Avenue

Broadway and Mollison Avenue

Fletcher Parkway and Garfield Avenue

Fletcher Parkway and Magnolia Avenue

Fletcher Parkway and Marshall Avenue

Fletcher Parkway and Navajo Road

Greenfield and 2nd Avenue

Jamacha and Main

Magnolia Avenue and Madison Avenue

Main Street and Mollison Avenue

Washington Avenue and El Cajon Boulevard

Washington Avenue and Mollison Avenue

La Mesa:

70th and Alvarado Road

Fuerte and Avocado Boulevard

Lake Murray:

Baltimore and Jackson


Wintergardens Boulevard


Cuyamaca and Mission Gorge Road

Editor: We’ve been informed by a commenter that there are no signs of “photo enforcement” at this intersection. Since Vehicle Code (Section 21455.5(a)(1)) says that warning signs must be posted at each camera-equipped intersection and “visible to traffic approaching from all directions,” or at all the main entrances to town “including, at a minimum, freeways, bridges, and state highway routes,” there may not be a camera located in this intersection, or if there is a camera present and you received a ticket it may be contestable in court.



Otay Lakes Road and Allen School Lane

Otay Lakes Road and Avenida Del Rey

Otay Lakes Road and Bonita Road cross way

Otay Lakes Road and Ridgeback Road

Otay Lakes Road and Surrey Drive

Olympic Parkway and Hunte Parkway


Del Mar:

Carmel Mountain Road and Highland Valley Road

El Camino Real and Del Mar Heights Road


El Camino Real and Leucadia Boulevard

Encinitas Boulevard and El Camino Real

Olivenhain Road and El Camino Real

Solana Beach:

Camino Del Mar and Via de la Valle

Lomas Santa Fe Drive and Old Hwy 101 / Pacific Coast Highway

Lomas Santa Fe Drive and Solana Hills Drive

San Rodolfo Drive and Lomas Santa Fe Drive

Via de la Valley and Old Hwy 101 / Pacific Coast Highway

Know of a red light camera we missed? Please post in comments section below. Thanks and please drive safe


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jettyboy May 11, 2011 at 11:27 am

Nice to know. Thanks Rag. Now if I can just memorize the list.


Outlaw May 11, 2011 at 1:51 pm

Vista I know three locations

Intersection of Shadowridge Dr and Sycamore off the 78

Intersection of Melrose and Hacienda Dr.

Intersection of Civic Center Dr. (formerly Escondido Ave) and Santa Fe

Intersection of E. Vista Way and Santa Fe.


Outlaw May 11, 2011 at 1:51 pm



ClubStyle_DJ May 11, 2011 at 2:30 pm

I’m suprised there’s not one in OB yet.


Frank Gormlie May 11, 2011 at 2:50 pm

Last I looked, the City is still planning on placing a camera at the end of the OB Pier.


Andy Cohen May 11, 2011 at 7:33 pm

Fine of just over $400, non-negotiable, and traffic school. Of course most of the fine money goes to the company that operates the red light cameras and not the city…….


cahlo May 14, 2011 at 7:18 am

you run a red light, you deserve what you get…….i don’t care if the city gets none of the money, if one person is spared injury by an idiot on his cell phone or in a hurry, it’s worth it…….


vjr85 May 15, 2011 at 2:38 pm

antee: Cuyamaca and Mission Gorge Road???? Where is the traffic sign “photo enforcement”? I think I ran over the red light yesterday May 14th, 2011. I check this website today and i think i should get my case dismissed because there was no sign showing “photo enforcment” or its missing. I’m just worried and angry right now. I don’t deserve it and there should always be a traffic sign for drivers on the road to be aware of it at all cost. It’s ridiculous to receive a ticket in the mail of not knowing there was a red light camera planted, seriously because i remember clearly there was no traffic sign “no photo enforcement” posted 300 yards or on traffic light.


Patty Jones May 15, 2011 at 5:42 pm

Let us know if you go back by there and there is no sign.


vjr85 May 16, 2011 at 1:17 am

checked back again at night in Santee. went on by foot and drive by throughly. no signs of “photo enforcement” on that intersection.


sd619 May 16, 2011 at 5:57 pm

Cruised today in daylight and no traffic signs of photo enforcement on any of the following intersections in Otay, Chula Vista.


Otay Lakes Road and Allen School Lane- No photo enforcement sign

Otay Lakes Road and Avenida Del Rey-No photo enforcement sign

Otay Lakes Road and Bonita Road cross way- No photo enforcement sign

Otay Lakes Road and Ridgeback Road-No photo enforcement sign

Otay Lakes Road and Surrey Drive-No photo enforcement sign

Olympic Parkway and Hunte Parkway-No photo enforcement sign

Unless they’re underway to posting them. Those are just survelliance cameras monitoring the road and won’t do any effect. It’s illegal to not have those traffic signs posted unless missing.


James June 22, 2011 at 7:00 pm

Does anyone have any documentation showing which company operates these cameras for the city of El Cajon?

Received a “photo ticket” but my car was clearly in the intersection according to the first photo and the 2nd photo shows my car a few feet further in the intersection. Seems they are just trying to see if i will pay it.


Vamshi January 31, 2012 at 7:40 pm

Are there any photo enforced signals on Bernardo Center Drive?
I dont see it in the list but I think I saw camera flash when I crossed the itersection of Bernardo Center Dr and Cloudcrest Dr.
I shoud have stopped after seeing the yellow light but in any case does anyone know if the signal is photo enforced?


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