Open thread on taxes – Tuesday, April 19th

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Here gentle reader, is an open thread on taxes, now that most of us peons have paid ours (or at least sent in our extension request).

Here is where you can rant and rave about taxes (or really anything else you want to express, whatever rocks your boat ) – right down here in the comments section – so go at it.

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JEC April 19, 2011 at 9:32 am

For 20 years I had a job to turn taxes into services. From where it came to where it went, tax ‘facts’ share much in common with 3-card monte. To RB – to finish our chat, it has been observed that in total, corporate taxes either cover or do not cover the expenses for the services they receive. Consider that ownership (owning capital) is taxed at one half of the rate labor is taxed (Capital gains v income tax rate for median income, noting that deductions are available to Capital gains which are not available to a wage earner). Consider that last year over 60% of US Corporations paid zero federal tax yet received an array of services. Services? News Item, Casino Owners associations asked for government regulation of internet gambling. Businesses asking for government regulation – go figure. National Marine Fisheries works at maintaining stocks of fish for commercial consumption; the FAA plays traffic cop to commercial for profit airlines; the SD Airport Authority uses $1 billion in public money to expand a terminal – the equivelant of a stadium to the airlines. Which brings up public financed stadium for millionaires and billionaires. Our collective dishonesty is our willingness to accept deception when it comes to both tax collection and tax spending.

On taxes, taxes pay for the operation of services – whatever you decide you need – libraries, parks, fire departments, police, courts, public health, water, sewer, streets, utilities, military, lifeguards or paramedics, hospitals, jails. Have them, or not. Taxes also re-distribute wealth – re-ballasting the ship of state. Housing projects, mediaide (not Medicare), welfare, employment programs. Welfare – the 1996 Clinton act ended Aid to Families with Dependent Children as we knew it. Individuals are now limited to five years over their life effectively ending the welfare cycle. Food stamps was not designed as a welfare program – it’s administered by the department of Agriculture because it was promoted as a farm subsidy program. How much is enough? Looking around and ask yourself of the things you use everyday – the streets, the sewers, a faucet, a shower, a cell phone, a light bulb, a tv, a computer, and most of all food. Do you know how these things get there and how they’re maintained? More important, do you care?


Anna Daniels April 19, 2011 at 10:33 am

JEC- amen! Well said.


ss April 19, 2011 at 2:57 pm

to answer the questions at the end of your rant. Yes I know how they get there and No I don’t really care. but I want them there as do most urban dwellers if they no it or not.


Steve April 20, 2011 at 9:17 am

City Beat recently ran a great article about taxes and the super wealthy by David Cay Johnston, NY Times journalist and professor at Syracuse U.
If you aren’t upset about the taxes you pay read this.


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