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Photo by Natalie Kardos via CityBeat

Photo by Natalie Kardos via CityBeat

Our very own Mary Mann has been published on SanDiegoCityBeat! Way to go Mary!

Culture Shock and the ABCs of break-dancing

“So here’s the move,” says Joseph “Dyno Rock” Corrales, before sweeping his right leg under his entire body, hopping on his left foot and switching arms. His legs move with no thought, so intent is he on watching his charges imitate him. A hip-hop track fills the room, and the stars of the class, 14- and 15-year-olds with bodies like Gumby, match their steps to the music.

“You got that?” Dyno’s face is anxious as he watches the less experienced members of the class (or, ahem, those completely lacking in experience), and he walks around giving quiet one-on-one tutorials to struggling students.

Dyno, along with Anthony “Kid Nasty” Manzon, teaches break-dancing at Culture Shock Dance Center ( Their mentor, friend and crewmember, Elliot “Kid Capisci” Aquila, groomed them for the position. When Capisci came to Culture Shock, there was only one break-dancing class, a beginner’s class for kids. Angie Bunch, the center’s owner, watched Capisci take the class to a whole new level and suggested expanding to multiple classes. Nasty and Dyno were Capisci’s protégés before “battling” to become members of his break-dance crew, the Cypher City Kings. (Become a crewmember requires a dance-off. Seriously.)

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PSD September 27, 2009 at 9:54 pm

Right on, congrats! How’d it go when it was your turn to bust out?


Mary December 30, 2009 at 12:43 pm

Embarrassing – but entertaining. In a panic I forgot everything I’d learned and just did a two-step and an arm balance that was a purloined yoga pose. For shame.


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