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Frank Gormlie June 14, 2009 at 10:14 am

This particular cover is of special interest. The photograph, by grassroots photo-journalist Miriam Shipp (who later became a medical doc), was of a large condo or apartment building right on the cliffs while under construction, obviously. I was with Miriam that day to take the shot for the cover,as the accompanying article was all about how unstable the cliffs were, the erosion, how this building blocked access to the coast, was over the 30 foot height limit, etc. OB Ecology Action and later the Community Planning Group all were against it, protesting it to San Diego Planning Commission, probably to the Coastal Commission.

Of course, the building was built. But get this: during the early 2000s while I was on the OB Planning Board, the owners came before the Board asking permission to shore up the cliffs because erosion was making a dangerous situation for the building. It was granted.


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