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We’ve gotten some pretty great letters and comments from our readers over the course of the last seven months (man, time flies ….) and we were thinking that it’s too bad that they are buried, sometimes in obscurity. So, we’ve decided to post (with your permission) a Reader Rant of the Week. Got something to say? We want to hear it!

Our first Reader Rant is a passionate letter we received just today, from Max Black Crow and he has graciously allowed us to share it with you. We’d love to hear your feedback!

Patty and Frank

max black crow // May 21, 2008 at 12:57 pm

I worked with the [OB] liberator in the late sixties and I wrote you what I was doing now. Back then we had socialist views. We always questioned the puritan colonialist values of this country. We fought for the right to speak when not spoken too, and always questioned authority! I see the paper has changed and wonder why get caught up in the political machine. This country is broken, you all will never own homes or even get close to the so called American dream.

This was a Liberal paper? Is it still? The issues are the working class issues, the struggle with corporate America. The fucking capitalist greed machine whom I had to work for and they’ve gained great profits off our blood and sweat. I’m 57 years old, I’ve never gave in to their ways. I’ve seen my co-workers killed and maimed at work. Then we receive a mere fraction of the monies from these companies. You need to get the word out that the working class is the backbone of America. If a corporation’s executives miss work for a month the corporation lives on, BUT! if we the workers stop for a week that corporation will die! The loss of income would cripple that company.

We the people have power. We need to stick together and pull ourselves out of this corporate hole they’ve put us in. Health care, and fuel should be taken out of the stock market. To make millions on health care stock is insane! Making money off of people’s suffering is a sick nation. To make movie stars and sports figures our hero’s and pay them millions for entertainment is a travesty!

If the world went to war and the country destroyed, the working class will be heroes and the sports and movie stars will have to count on us to get the nation up and running! What the fuck has happened to our youth. Don’t get caught up in the politics, get to some real issues. No reason we can’t come to an agreement with companies to share the wealth. How many millions does it take for a family to live the American dream? I work hard and only welcome death to end my pain. I die owing people and have made pipelines for oil companies, made ships to move commodities. Then die poor and broken. I don’t get it? Make me understand why you young thinkers can’t see or deal with some real issues? The Liberator did! We fought to be heard. I ended up killing for the united states of America in their Marine corp.

I believe in the United states as a people. I believe in you all. Find the real underlying issues like making the playing field equal. No reason we all can’t retire and be able to live a good life. It’s people’s values and jealousy and greed that drives this Fucked up nation. Expose it! Write and fight about it. My father died without seeing the great things in this world. Working hard in the local ship yards making just barely enough. No reason this great nation should let that happen to anyone’s parents. The greed in this country is phenomenal. We let it go on.

You young people can change this nation, just do it. Find a way to spread the money out in a way that we can all be happy. There so much I have learned and have seen. Too much to write about. I grew up in S.D. like I said before, my family has been there since 1896. I’ve seen this place change so much that I actually moved because of it. I see the military with it’s right winged bullshit fuck this town up. Bringing racism here from all the members they house here from all the racist states like Kentucky, Tenn, West Virginia, Arkansas need I say more. Get to the real struggle, anyone can point fingers at politicians, change the country, just focus on our needs!

Peace to you all … MAX

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