House Rejects $162.5B War Funding Bill … For Now

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Antiwar Democrats team up with disgruntled Republicans to derail funding bill sponsored by Dem House leaders

By Jonathan Weisman / Washington Post / Thursday, May 15, 2008

House rejected funding for wars … temporarilyAn unusual coalition of antiwar Democrats and angry Republicans in the House today torpedoed a $162.5 billion proposal to continue funding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan into next year, eliminating, for now, the one part of the controversial bill that had seemed certain to pass.

Instead, House members voted to demand troop withdrawals from Iraq, force the Iraqi government to shoulder more war costs and greatly expand the education benefits for returning veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflict.


The surprise on war-funding left antiwar activists on and off Capitol Hill exultant and Democratic leaders baffled. House leaders had broken the war-funding bill into three separate measures, the first to fund the wars, the second to impose strict military policy measures opposed by President Bush, and the third to fund domestic priorities, including expanded education benefits and flood control work around New Orleans. [For the rest of this article, go here to Washington Post.]

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