The Politics of the Antiwar Movement

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And the Intractable Dilemma of International ANSWER

Editor: Before the recent spate of antiwar protests, demonstrations and vigils surrounding the 5th anniversary of the Iraq war, OB Rag had sponsored what we believe is a much needed debate within the peace movement as to its future direction. This very dated article originally from the Nov-Dec 2005 “Nonviolent Activist” – the magazine of the War Resisters League, and reposted in World War Four Report was written well prior to the recent protests – protests that reflect changes in the peace movement. Yet it does add another important voice in this continuing debate.

by Bill Weinberg

The Sept. 24 anti-war protest in Washington DC was hailed as a revival of a movement which had become somewhat moribund even as the quagmire in Iraq deepens with horrifying rapidity. The march brought out 300,000, by organizers’ estimates-making it the largest since the start of the US invasion in March 2003. After a summer in which Cindy Sheehan’s campaign to demand personal accountability from the vacationing George Bush had riveted the nation, the march brought out record numbers of military veterans and grieving families-giving the movement an unassailable moral credibility.

But it is significant that this credibility arose from the rank-and-file marchers-while that very credibility may have been actually undermined by elements of the organizational leadership. [For the rest of this article, go here.  Go here for the original article.]

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