Sadr calls for nationwide anti-US rally

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Thu, 03 Apr 2008
The movement led by Iraqi cleric Moqtada al-sadr in a statement in Najaf calls for a nationwide anti-US demonstration on April 9.The statement issued by his office in the central holy city of Najaf has called on all Iraqis including Sunnis, Shias, Arabs and Kurds to participate in the anti-US protest on April 9 and express their rejection of the US occupying forces’ presence inside Iraq.

“Express your rejection by participating in this demonstration. Carry Iraqi flags that show the unity of Iraq. Do not ignore this protest as it is for the glory of Islam and victory of the grieving Iraqi people,” the statement said.

Last year the Iraqi people gave a massive (warm) welcome to Sadr’s call for anti-US protests across Iraq.

April 9 is the fifth anniversary of Iraq occupation by US forces and the toppling of Saddam Hussain’s regime.

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