More chonicling of March’s antiwar protests

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Once again, we bring reports of last month’s antiwar protests, accounts that the mainstream media have no interest in publishing. Our earlier reports can be found on the date posted: earlier today; March 31; March 27; March 25; March 24; and March 19. (March 19 witnessed many posts as we tried to follow demonstrations on both coasts as near as contemporaneously as possible. So, check out all posts from that famous day.) The chronicle continues:

GRAND JUNCTION, CO. Several hundred gathered at a rally on Sunday, March 30, with live music, and then the crowd proceeded on a march to a local war profiteer, Capco Inc.

MADISON, WI. Nearly a hundred people demonstrated at the Capitol Square, held a silent vigil and marched around the Square. Go here. After more bannering and other protests, 3 dozen protesters sat-in at Senator Herb Kohl’s office. Several were cited by police.

RENO, NV. Over 200 protesters rallied at the Federal Building.

NORFOLK, VA. Home of the largest Navy base, this city witnessed over 60 people demonstrating at a main intersection; there were lots of horn honking in support.

AUSTIN, TX. The 15th of March had seen a large rally of 1,000 at the Texas State Capitol building for a 3 hour peace jam and concert. On March 19th 200 to 300 held a vigil that lasted into the night.

MANITOWOC, WI. 30 protesters held antiwar signs.

ROCHESTER, MI. 40 students marched through the local college campus.

HAYWARD, WI. Carrying crosses and a coffin, 60 demonstrators staged a vigil and march.

TRENTON, NJ. On March 19th, 70 people demonstrated against the war outside the Statehouse.

LAWRENCE, KS. Dozens of students from the University of Kansas demonstrated against the Iraq occupation.

LA CROSSE. WI. Fifty Women In Black on March 19th, protested against the Administration’s Iraq policies.

ALAMEDA, CA. 125 demonstrators marched on City Hall on March 19.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ. On March 27th a local blog reported that a 1000 students walk-out of classes and held a rally against the war.

(For additional reports and photos, go to, and 5 Years Too Many.)

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