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Donna Frye told blogger Pat Flannery what her future political plans are when he ran into her at a recent fundraiser for Stephen Whitburn, candidate for District 3. He posted them January 19th on his “Blog of San Diego”

Donna Frye has been keeping her cards close to her chest for some time but now seems to have made the tough decisions and is willing to openly share her political ambitions with anybody who asks. Last night we asked. She shared with us that what she really wants is to be Council President after Peters and then County Supervisor.She is an experienced legislator and would be excellent in both jobs. She takes her work very seriously and does her homework, literally. She is to be found most weekends pouring over backup material for the various items on the following week’s Council Docket. I am constantly amazed at the depth of her knowledge of even the most mundane items.

Her eagle eye would be invaluable in managing the Council’s business, which is the role of the Council President. Under her Presidency, City staff would know that they must provided complete and timely information for the Council to make informed decisions. There has been much game-playing with information in the past. It became an art.

So it looks like Ms. Frye will be a political force in San Diego County well into the future.

Well, looks like the mayoral race will be just Sanders and Francis, two white, middle-aged, conservative Republican males. Francis is seeming to be saying things that sound liberal in order to get Frye’s endorsement. [Go here for Pat Flannery’s blog.]

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Molly January 24, 2008 at 9:05 pm

Does anyone know whether Donna can be persuaded to run for mayor? this blog and Flannery say that she is content to sit tight for the council president (or chair) and then move to the county bd of sups. (god knows, we need somebody there worth a damn and at least liberal!).
back to Donna – is she susceptible to grassrooty pressure?


anonymousNClairemont January 28, 2008 at 9:44 pm

Let’s start a campaign to enlist Donna for Mayor! I’m there.


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