Action Alert: San Diego Residents Urged to Contact Planning Commission by Thursday, June 1

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From Neighbors for a Better San Diego – May 30, 2023

The Mayor’s Planning Department continues its push with the Housing Action Plan (HAP) 2.0, which includes the SB 10 opt-in. The next opportunity to push back against San Diego’s proposed SB 10 implementation is the Planning Commission meeting this Thursday, June 1st, 2023 at 9 AM.

We Need Your Help

TODAY or TOMORROW: Use this PUBLIC COMMENT WEBFORM to get your opinion into the Planning Commission record (no later than 7 am on Thursday, June 1)

See example TALKING POINTS below.

To use the public comment webform:

Choose the meeting date: June 1, 2023
Check “Agenda Comment,” then add: “Item 1 – HAP 2.0”
Check: “In Opposition to Item”
Check box if you would like to speak on the item during public testimony
Type your comment (200 words or less) in the comment box – Example TALKING POINTS below.

THURSDAY Show up via Zoom OR in person at 9 AM

To attend by Zoom

To attend in person:

City Administration Building
202 C Street, 12th Floor
San Diego, California 92101

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to cede time to another speaker, you must attend the meeting in person.

Use our short talking points along with any of your own personal thoughts. The Housing Action Package includes many other land use changes, so please make sure to include the statement to: Remove the SB 10 implementation from the Housing Action Package 2.0.

Talking Points

• THERE’S NO TURNING BACK! If SB 10 is implemented on a parcel in San Diego, IT CAN NEVER BE UNDONE. EVER. This is written into the State bill itself. Based on San Diego’s existing land use maps, NFABSD calculates that San Diego has the allowed capacity to build over 2 million new homes, 19 times our projected housing need. San Diego shouldn’t be first in line to try this unproven, unnecessary, and irreversible elimination of all single-family zoning.

• San Diego’s SB 10 implementation ignores accepted design practices for “Missing Middle” housing. It allows buildings up to 10 units, 30,000 square feet, and three stories high in single-family zoned residential neighborhoods. This exceeds the density of most of San Diego’s apartment zones. Development is allowed to fill almost the entire lot.

• All parcels a mile or more away from existing or future transit stops are eligible (over half of all San Diego properties)  How did we get this distance?  San Diego has some flexibility in how it implements SB 10 because it’s an “opt-in” and not a state mandate. Because of that, the Mayor’s Planning Department is choosing to use the SDA (one-mile walk to transit) as the area in which to implement it.

“Or more” refers to areas in San Diego that have been defined as having “Specific Plans” The Planning Department has made it so that even if a tiny corner of a Specific Plan touches the SDA, then the ENTIRE area of the Specific Plan is included in the SDA.

• SB 10 violates San Diego’s Climate Action Plan (CAP), including its Mobility Mode Shift goals, by encouraging dense development far away from transit. The legally binding CAP targets require that San Diego prove analytically that SB 10 will increase walkability of neighborhoods and decrease the dependency of residents on automobiles.

• Although Historic Districts are protected in the current draft of the Housing Action, a Planning Commissioner is already advocating for SB 10 to be allowed in Historic Districts.

• No onsite parking requirements for the majority of eligible lots under the pretense that residents who live a mile away from ineffective transit won’t need cars.

• Disregards public safety by allowing, if not encouraging, dense development in high-risk fire areas.

• Drives up home prices up by creating increased revenue potential for developers and investors, leading to higher rents and home prices.

• No requirements for homeownership (units can remain apartments forever).

• San Diego already has the allowed capacity to meet the required state housing goals (RHNA).

• THERE’S NO TURNING BACK! — This is so important we listed it twice. If SB 10 is implemented on a parcel in San Diego, IT CAN NEVER BE UNDONE. EVER. It’s written into the State bill itself. This is reckless and irresponsible for future generations.

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Vern May 30, 2023 at 12:18 pm

Thank you for posting this.
Completed “Planning Commission Public Comment Form” sent.
No on SB10!


Ysela Chacon July 12, 2023 at 7:14 am

I am interested in the NO to SB 10. Please let me know if there are more meetings or anything else I can do. Thank you


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