Seeing and Hearing Evil and Speaking to What We See and Hear         

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in From the Soul

By Ernie McCray

I look at my country aghast,
as a president
who’s barren of
any sense of morality
makes a mockery
of our Constitution
and our democracy,
crippling concepts of justice
and liberty
just as sure as he breathes,
while our republican senators,
without integrity,
turn a blind eye to his sins
like the iconic three monkeys
who see no evil,
hear no evil
and speak no evil,
completely abandoning their ability
and authority
to make removing him
from his pedestal
of white superiority
their highest priority
when they should lock him up
and throw away the key –

actions that would be a precious gift
to society.

But, being the cowards they happen to be,
they only want power
to do as they please
and to bask in their popularity
with constituents
who, like them,
haven’t considered the consequences
of living vicariously
through a messianic demon
who rises daily to give vent to
inane depravities
and lame insensibilities
unlike any we’ve seen
before he appeared on the scene
flagrantly abusing powers
that allow
him to block the path of anyone
who dares to question
his ways and means
of going about things…

And so rather than hold such a scoundrel accountable

for such abominable behavior

they saw no witnesses

or heard any witnesses

or spoke to any witnesses,

obviously feeling no shame

or responsibility

for giving their would be king

the go ahead

to continue

our nation’s rapid falling from grace

as they look into television cameras

with their thumbs up

and bright smiles on their faces,

not even

concerned as the king’s men and women

of putting America back together again.

So, alas, it’s up to us,
We the People,
to bring an end
to the reign of a president
in a historic election we must win
and then we must never vote in
anyone who even
comes close to being like him
ever again.

It is upon us

to forever see evil

and hear evil

and speak to the evil we see and hear.

For our children.

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ellie February 7, 2020 at 7:25 pm

Thank you Mr. McCray ….. for the children!


Dave Beekman February 13, 2020 at 4:58 pm

You nailed it again Ernie… The Dems better settle on a candidate pretty soon that can beat Trump in November or we are going to have 4 more years of this ‘loonacy’….


Shirley Sprinkles February 13, 2020 at 5:15 pm

Well-said—as usual! Remember that old saying: “Every dog gets a day-and some get two!”


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