OB Street Stewards Looking for Volunteers to ‘Adopt a Block’

by on February 11, 2020 · 2 comments

in Ocean Beach

The OB Street Stewards is a group effort by locals to keep Ocean Beach clean on a block-by-block basis. They also search for other OBceans and get them to adopt their block in keeping their area spruced up.

It’s the OB “Adopt a Block” campaign. They are looking for volunteers to join them and sign up on their facebook page.

They only ask that people who do sign up walk around their block once a week and pick up trash, either in the street, the sidewalks or bushes. And it would be a way for people to get to know their neighbors better.

Here’s how they describe it all:

Keep OB clean!

OB Street Stewards·

As OB Street Stewards we strive to keep our little portion of this magical neighborhood clean!

If you sign up, we just ask that you take a walk around your block around once a week and clean up trash you might see in the street, around sidewalk, thrown into bushes, etc. Take a little extra time to go the extra mile to make your block shine.

We hope by connecting and networking a patchwork of these people who take the extra care, OB will be enriched. And maybe you’ll get to know your neighbors better!

Please spread the word, feel free to get in touch and add more blocks to your list. The more the merrier! This group belongs to you! Cheers!

All graphics from OB Street Stewards facebook.

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retired botanist February 11, 2020 at 3:54 pm

This sounds like a nice concept, and on the face of it, a great idea, like SurfRider, SD River Foundation, and other groups focused on keeping our environments tidy and pollution-free. I just hope there aren’t hidden agendas… like the vigilante group policing the homeless. That was appalling to me.
But keeping an eye on trash, litter, illegal dumping, and such is great, as it clearly has been beyond the capabilities, or manpower, of the City to do so. Take control of your environment. Its a really worthwhile endeavor. Wishing for success : )


Frank Gormlie February 14, 2020 at 12:36 pm

For some reason, the links to OB Street Stewards are broken.


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