Should Democrats, like Superman, Seek ‘Truth, Justice and the American Way’?

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I had a moment a little while ago when I was thinking about the notion that democrats, in spite of recent political victories (Yes!!!) need to come up with a message or at least a snappy meme, that resonates with voters (and more and more people are becoming so designated).

In that same moment I happened to turn the TV on and a man on C-SPAN was discussing superheroes, how they are mostly about creating a better world, citing Superman’s pursuit of “Truth, Justice and the American Way.”

That triggered in my mind, right away, long ago days, when I was all caught up in the excitement of “Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane!” feigning flying, with a croker sack or a pillow case or half a sheet tied to my neck, rescuing dames in distress and going upside the head of evil geniuses and tricksters and anyone daring to challenge my super powers – seeking, basically, “Truth, Justice, and the American Way.”

I mean, hey, my boyhood days were filled with play involving bringing about justice as that’s what “cops and robbers” and “cowboys and Indians” and “GI’s and Kamikazes” was all about – although we had no idea we were forming biases some of us would hold onto all our lives.

We were just acting out the “American Way.”

But now, as an 80 year old, I’m thinking maybe there could be something to this “Truth, Justice and the American Way,” if it was gone about in the right way, stripped of its connection to the comic world and Superman with all the “faster than a speeding bullet” catchphrases and claims of having “abilities far beyond those of mortal men,” and taken on by a society that’s desperately in need of an honest and just world.

Democrats have, in fact, already started the process of dealing with a presidential administration that’s practically made lies the new truths; that’s sought to make justice a reality for just a few.

The mid-term elections was basically about bringing to light a number of truths: that women can succeed politically in large numbers; that racism and anti-semitism can be effectively countered; that love can outweigh hate; that nationalism is not in our best interest; that Muslims and Native Americans can find a place politically; that blacks can create a new South; that gays are here to stay and will rise…

It’s through voting that justice can be achieved as how else can we possibly stop the police from shooting unarmed black children down in the street… give those who want to come to our country for asylum a way to do it with dignity… make the water in Flint drinkable as simply a matter of common decency… come to fully welcome and appreciate folks who are gay or transgender or people of color… protect workers’ rights…make voting and health insurance easily available to all…

“Look at the Bluing of the States! It’s a Wave! It’s a Flood! It’s the Left, the Democrats!”

Leading the way towards “Truth, Justice and the American Way!”

An American way that’s a lot different than the American ways of my Superman childhood days.

I’m a dreamer, but what the hay. Most of my life dreams have come true. Those that haven’t, I dream about everyday.

Editor’s Note: Ernie McCray’s writings will continue to be published at the OB Rag after the San Diego Free Press suspends publication.

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