OB Planners’ Project Review Committee Has 4 Projects Up for Review – Wed., Dec. 19

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in Ocean Beach

4744 Cape May Ave

Projects on Cape May, Narragansett, Saratoga and Voltaire Up for Review

The most important sub-committee of the Ocean Beach Planning Board, the Project Review Committee, has a full plate on its agenda with 4 projects to review for its Wednesday night meeting. The panel meets at the OB Recreation Center, 4726 Santa Monica Ave on Dec. 19 at 6pm.

The Project Review Committee has first crack at the projects the Planning Board reviews and usually gives a recommendation to the full board which carries substantial weight. Up for review are the following:

4744 Cape May Ave

This is a Coastal Development Permit (CDP) to construct a new 1,974 square-foot, 3-story residence with decks;

3D view of lot prior to demolitions of existing buildings.

along with a new detached 2-story “guest quarters” with decks for approximate 656 square foot.

5018 Narragansett

5018 Narragansett

A Process 3 CDP for the demolition and remodel of 2 single-story units and the construction of a second story addition on each unit; with a net increase of approximate 953 square feet per unit, and 1,906 sf overall.

This project came up for review over a year ago, on November 2, 2017, but then-chair John Ambert tabled it as the Board had not received the required updated documents. Now it’s back. Here’s our report from 11/2/17:

Chair John Ambert informed the audience that an action item associated with this project on the 5000 block of Narragansett was changed to an informational item only as the Board had not received updated documents on the project.

The Coastal Development Permit proposes to demolish and to remodel 2 single story units with a second story addition on each unit. This will result in a net increase of approximately 954 square feet per unit – or 1,908 square feet overall – on the .8 acre lot. …

When the developer approached the Board, he said he had just met with city staff and the project supervisor. Yet, Ambert – after examining the paperwork the applicant had handed him – told him there were too many unresolved issues for the Board to take any action. “It’s premature,” Ambert said. “You need to re-submit, get your draft findings and assessment letter, then come back to the Board.” The applicant seemed confused by what he was hearing compared to what the city had told him. That’s a familiar story at these planning meetings.

Ambert pointed out the section in the paperwork that indicated applicants needed to pass through local planning committees. Board member Jane Gawronski then stated: “There’s not enough parking [in the design],” and explained the design calls for 4 bedroom and 4 parking spaces, yet according to the OB Community Plan, the project as configured is allowed only 3 spaces. Ambert said this was probably the biggest issue for the applicant.

Board members then spent some time going over the designs and making informal recommendations to the applicant. Many of the suggestions included ways he could break up the blank facades of the design. In the end, no action was taken, and the applicant now has to resolve a number of issues before returning to the OB planners.

See these drawings:

5026 Saratoga Ave from street

5026 Saratoga Ave

A CDP for the construction of a garage addition, and the construction of a 2-story residence above the garage for 913 square feet, with an existing detached residence on the site.

4870 Voltaire Street

This project is being revised and returning to the OB Planners; it concerns the former Dover Plumbing building next to Jim Bell’s property. So, it’s a Process 2 CDP up for a revised scope to omit the site addressed as 4862 Voltaire (Jim Bell’s house) and reduce the number of units and commercial space.

Now it is a  proposed project with the demolition of one existing commercial building and construction of 2-story, 7,430 square-foot, mixed-use building consisting of 2 for rent dwelling units and 2,380 square feet of commercial space.

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