Donna Frye Makes the Case for Vivian Moreno as San Diego City Councilmember in District 8

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Vivian Moreno

By Donna Frye

Last week I officially endorsed Vivian Moreno to serve as the next Council District 8 City Councilmember. Vivian is someone who has strong core beliefs and values that will not change based on politics. She is honest and straightforward- she tells it like it is and I appreciate that.

Vivian and I agree about what it takes to be a public servant. It means listening to others with an open mind, understanding what people are saying about their positions on issues and the reasons people believe as they do and working hard to find equitable and reasonable solutions. Vivian was active in serving her community long before she ever thought about running for office. Her passion to serve is a result of her upbringing and strong family ties. Vivian is a lifelong resident of South San Diego and knows firsthand the challenges facing the community.

She is a tireless advocate for the community of District 8 and is dedicated to making life better for everyone. She is committed to public service, focused on getting the job done and will work to ensure all members of the community have a voice. Her leadership and commitment to open government, addressing solutions to combat climate change and improving our infrastructure will bring a positive result for both the current and future generations.

It is critical that the constituents of District 8 continue to be as well represented for the next eight years as they have for the past eight years. Councilmember David Alvarez has endorsed Vivian and knows she will continue the work to improve the community, help small businesses and work to provide increased housing opportunities for working families. It is abundantly clear to me that Vivian will be a strong advocate for the whistleblowers and survivors of sexual assault and harassment; she will speak up against those who have abused their power and not allow partisan politics or party affiliation get in the way of doing what is right.

Vivian’s determination, integrity and ability to know right from wrong are qualities that I respect and the ones the community deserves. She understands what it means to serve the public. I endorsed Vivian because I believe she has the heart and conscience to serve the public well and faithfully. The residents of District 8 will be well served in electing Vivian to be their voice at City Hall.

Donna Frye was a member of the San Diego City Council, representing District 6 and a two-time candidate for mayor of San Diego.

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