Who Does He Think He’s Fooling?

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by  Ernie McCray

“No collusion,”
the man, with way more talk
than walk says.

And he flies across
waters to Helsinki
to meet and greet
a Russian of ill repute
who is seen
as our number one enemy,

a man who slapped our country
upside the head
like a Mafia Godfather
putting an underling
in his place,

interfering with a presidential race,
utilizing the wizardry
of technology,
exposing our inability
to think critically,
resulting, tragically,
in a wretched excuse of a human being
ascending to the presidency
like Hades rising from
to destroy humanity,

talking smack
throughout the process,
his latest jive
being his testifying
about how he wanted to “better personally assess”
the man with KGB and mass murderer
in his DNA and on his resume
and how he could only do that ALONE.

And I can only ask:
Who does he think he’s fooling?

There’s some colluding going on.

Assess? Please. Leave me ALONE.

And as to whether
he’s obstructing justice or not
all I know,
although it’s not a lot,

everyday, when I rise,
I read, in the paper, the man’s lies
before I’ve fully stretched
my old body
and wiped my sleepy eyes,

having to re-realize
that it’s going to be
another day of
his crappy human
and public relations
and narcissitic self-congratulations
and phony accusations
and iterations
and insinuations
about “fake news,”

how we’ve been taken by the EU,
how the FBI doesn’t have a clue,
how Maxine Waters has a low IQ –
hocus pocus voodoo
to erase our rearview view
of him
firing a man who
knew too much;

lying about some people with Russian ties
with whom
his son was in touch;
dangling “pardons” and such
to keep a few mouths shut;

which begs the question:
Who does he think
he’s fooling?

Trying to shine us on
like we were just born,
like we’ve
not been watching
him deceive and impede
justice and so on
ever since he
came onto the scene full on
like Jesse James and Al Capone,
lawless to the bone…

And, he comes out of the meeting in Helsinki
touting his worn out
aspersions and diversions
about Witch Hunts
and Hillary’s emails,
and his “both sides are too blame”
silly tale
and he takes a dictator’s side
against his FBI,
declaring that his “boss” in the Kremlin denies
trying to destabilize
our citizens’ social and political lives,
singing a song
about how “We must get along”to which one of his own
says “This is bizarre
and flat-out wrong”
and, in one moment,
he sends a wink in Putin’s direction
to go along
with so much that has gone wrong.

But come on:
Who does he think he’s fooling?

The collusion and the obstruction
is in our faces everyday
and now “treason”
seems like the question for the day
as the president,
I would say,
has wandered
into traitorous territory.

Adding another chapter
to a sad sad story.

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