Californians : Today Is a Good Day to Vote Against the Emperor

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in California

Today – Primary Day in California – is a good day to vote against the self-proclaimed emperor, Donald Trump.

Yesterday, June 4, Trump tweeted, “I have the absolute right to PARDON myself, …” This is akin to what a monarch, a king believes – the view of a dictator, an emperor.

“In this view the president is like kings and emperors of ages past. By definition, he cannot violate the law. It’s not that he is above the law. As president, the argument goes, he is the law.”

That’s not of the OB Rag – that’s from the Los Angeles Times editorial in today’s paper.

And it turns out, this view of an unfettered – and – unconstitutional – exercise of executive power is what Trump’s lawyers- John Dowd and Jay Sekulow have been quietly arguing to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s staff these last 5 or so months. Newly anointed court jester Rudy Giuliani has also been saying this.

Trump couldn’t have obstructed any Department of Justice investigation, because he is the Department of Justice. In fact, in Trump’s latest tweets, the investigation is not only a wasteful hoax and witch hunt, it’s also unconstitutional.

This view was also held by Richard Nixon, who 3 years after he resigned as president because he was facing certain impeachment, proclaimed during his David Frost interview when asked whether it was okay if the president decided to do something illegal:

Well, when the president does it, that means it is not illegal.

Nixon also thought he was the emperor for awhile. That’s why he is universally regarded as the worse president in the modern era – of course, until Trump came along.

So, yes, today is an excellent day for Californians to send a message to the White House and to the rest of the nation. The American people rejected kings years ago – and today is a time to demonstrate we still mean it.

When we vote today – those of us who haven’t already mailed in our ballots – let’s vote for people who will stand with us and against Emperor Donald.


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RB June 5, 2018 at 12:03 pm

Our Constitution is great.

… we have an impeachment process with the elected House and Senate deciding……..

All of these checks and balances makes me want to go to a sporting event.


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