A Few Last-Minute Reminders for the Procrastinating Progressive Voter

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If you are part of that dwindling tribe who (like me) still prefer to show up at your polling place to vote in person, here are a few final reminders for the procrastinating progressives out there:

Defeat the Lincoln Club: There is only one way to foil the plans of the Lincoln Club in the San Diego County Board of Supervisors race and discourage them from spending big money to intervene in San Diego Democratic politics in the future: Don’t Vote for Lori Saldana. See Doug Porter’s column on this race here. See my column here.

Just Say No to Antonio: Not that many people are paying close attention to the Governor’s race this time around BUT if you are offended by the Lincoln Club’s effort to buy local elections, then you should be even more disturbed by the huge money the billionaire boys club is pumping into this race in an effort to get their man into the runoff in November. Frustrate their efforts by just saying no to Antonio Villaraigosa. See my column on this race here.

Don’t Get Tucked in the Superintendent of Public Instruction Race: The same crew of rich guys promoting Villaraigosa are the puppet masters behind Marshall Tuck. Vote for Tony Thurmond. See my columns on this race here and here.

Beat the Charter Schools Association Here in San Diego: More of the same billionaire boys club cash is flowing into San Diego County to try and buy the Country Board of Education. Don’t let that happen. Re-elect Alicia Munoz and Rich Shea. See my column on this race here.

Vote NO on Prop 70: As SanDiego350’s analysis suggests, this proposition seeks “to oppose placing an unnecessary and anti-democratic restriction on how the proceeds of California’s carbon pricing system (cap and trade) can be spent. Requiring a 2/3 majority in both houses of the California legislature subjects funds to gridlock from a new supermajority, holding climate investments hostage by corporate lobbyists.”

Vote Yes on Prop 68: As SD350 again notes, this is “a bond to support addressing California’s need to preserve its unique environment, safe water resources, and provide funds to cope with increasingly costly impacts of climate change, such as fires and sea level rise. Requires at least $150,000,000 to be dedicated to projects in communities below a median income of $40,000.”

What about those San Diego Community College Board Races?: Wondering who to vote for to run the College Board in the District where I work? The teachers and other education workers in that District support David Alvarez, Maria Nieto Senour, and Craig Milgrim. And in the Grossmont-Cuyamaca District Board races, vote for Linda Cartwright, Debbie Justeson, and Brad Monroe.

Some Suggestions in a Couple of those City Council Races that the SDFP Didn’t Touch?: Christian Ramirez is one of the smartest, hard-working, and honorable activists in San Diego. You can’t go wrong with him in District 8. Jordan Beane is young, smart, and politically savvy. Give some new blood a chance in District 2.

Clean House in National City: If you live in National City, it’s time to get rid of Ron Morrison and elect Alejandra Sotelo-Solis as mayor. On the Council, give the nod to Jose Rodriguez and Mona Rios.

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