A Few Changes at Pacific Shores

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Originally posted August 28, 2017


A few changes under way at Pacific Shores

By South OB Girl

It is official folks — Pacific Shores on Newport Avenue has spruced up its exterior.

After celebrating its 75th Anniversary in December 2016, the 3 quarter of a century old establishment decided to freshen up the paint and is planning to return to the original building design with a window in the front.

I recently met with bar manager Jack Panighetti who gave me a tour of what everybody calls “Pac Shores”.  The inside is looking just the same.  There is new navy blue paint on the exterior in the front.  Same curving and retro glass wall to the left of the entrance at the front and same neon sign in blue.

Back of the building. Same “under the sea” theme — just touched up. All photos except old one by South OB Girl.

Same murals at the back exit, same ocean and mermaid theme — just touched up with fresh paint. And the exterior of the back of the building has been painted with the same navy blue paint as in the front.

Now the front bar window overlooking the sidewalk that is going in generated much discussion previously, about 1 year ago in my earlier article.  And will potentially generate discussion again.

But I got a sneak peak behind the curtain over the construction and it was a bit of a surprise.

There has been approximately 5 feet by 8 feet — 40 square feet — boxed up between the exterior of the building and interior of the building.  Sitting there empty and unused for decades.

I can’t think of a single business on Newport Avenue or anywhere that would not utilize its entire interior space.  And anyone who has been to Pacific Shores on a crowded Friday night and had no place to sit may appreciate the new places to sit that will be created by opening up the wall and putting in a bar with bar stools along the northern wall of the bar.  There will be a window there too.

But Jack and staff are so conscientious about the public’s concern and response that every effort is being made to make this a positive and enjoyable alteration.  Pacific Shores will still be dark and “divey” — we can expect the familiar glow in the dark murals and ocean theme.  Management might have the carpet cleaned but the interior will be the same.

Pacific Shores bartender, Kayla. Featured here with the old window frame that was originally in the front of the building. Approximately 75 years old (window, not Kayla).

I also got a tour of the construction dumpster.  Yes — this was cool and I felt quite lucky getting this tour!  Jack showed me the creaky, rusty old window that was previously in the wall, covered up by the interior wall and exterior facade which patrons have become accustomed to seeing.  That window had originally been there, 75 years ago (and perhaps may have been there prior to Pacific Shores moving in 75 years ago).

Recent generations have just never known or seen the window.  But it used to be there.  Currently there is plywood painted navy blue where the window will be going.  The new window, new bar top, new seating, and design features for the window area are still being built.

This old photo from the Medina family (which is the family which still owns the bar) shows the front of Pacific Shores before the paint splattered glass window was in place.  It is a little difficult to see exactly what the front looked like in this old black and white photo — but it clearly looked different than what recent generations have known.  This photo is one of 2 old, black and white photos featured on the plaque with historical information displayed near the front entrance of Pacific Shores.

As I was given a tour around by Jack, it felt like the same old Pac Shores I’ve enjoyed for many years.  Great tunes on the juke box.  People playing pool in the back.  Murals of sea life glowing in the dark.  Comfortable seats in the large cozy booths.  Giant clam shell decor hanging from the ceiling.  Same Pacific Shores.  And a few extra places to sit when it’s a full house on a crowded night seems like a good idea.

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Don Johnson August 31, 2017 at 3:54 pm

Congrats PacShores! Awesome to hear the spirit lives on m.


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