San Diego Warships Still Leading the Charge Against North Korea

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By Michael Steinberg / Black Rain Press

If anything can be believed from anyone in the Trump regime, the US “strike group” led by the the San Diego based aircraft carrier Carl Vinson is indeed heading for the Korean Peninsula.

On Saturday April 23, Trump said, “all options are on the table, ” including a military strike, according to Al Jazera, while VP Mike Pence added to the war fever escalation, stating that the the US warships would be in Korean waters “within days.”

That same day, Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi told reporters in Greece, where he was visiting:

“We need to issue peaceful and rational words. China is firmly supporting the peaceful de-nuclurerization of the area in the name of stability and peace.”

Al Jazera also reported that two Japanese destroyers, the Samidare and Ashigara, were joining the US armada. And the (South) Koran Herald reported that the US submarine Michigan, which is armed with over 150 Tomahawk cruise missiles, would be arriving in the South Korean port of Busan,  with the intention of joining the Vinson warships. The recent US attack in Syria consisted of 60-some cruise missiles.

Those warships accompanying the Vinson, also based in San Diego, carry many cruise missiles as well, while the Vinson’s nearly 100 F-18 jets can function as both fighters and bombers.

On April 25, the Associated Press reported that the US carrier group was “conducting exercises with Japan’s Air Self Defense Forces following two days of exercises with two Japanese destroyers.”

A photo accompanying the AP article showed the San Diego based destroyer Meyer during joint exercises with the US and South Korea military.

For its part North Korean, officials have been conducting their own military drills, and have threatened to sink the Carl Vinson. But the US and its allies possess overwhelming force, and  continue to up the ante, one that is already looks to provoke more death and destruction in a world already aggravated by US military action in Afghanistan, Iraq and across the globe.


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