More Photos From City Council Hearing on District 2 Appointment

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San Diego CityCoun D2 apmt counc02Here are more photos from the San Diego City Council hearing on appointing the District 2 representative held on Monday, April 7, 2014.

San Diego CityCoun D2 atmt Haris03Union leader Ed Harris was ultimately appointed from an initial field of 20 applicants. Here in photo above, Harris stands before the Council moments before he is sworn in.

Many of the applicants were from Ocean Beach and Point Loma.

San Diego CityCoun D2 apmt GretnJimHere, OBceans Jim Musgrove and Gretchen Newsom wait in their seats while the Council Chambers fill up. Musgrove is the former OB Town Council president and Newsom is the current President.

San Diego CityCoun D2 apmt RoomCouncil Chambers begins to fill up.  That’s Derek Casady in the center of the aisle with a suit on. Derek spoke on behalf of retired Judge Robert Coates.  Also near the center of the photo and seated in pale blue shirt is Tom Gawronski, who was present to support his wife Jane Gawronski, one of OB’s applicants.

San Diego CityCoun D2 apmt politosHere, most of the 17 remaining applicants have taken their seats before the City Council. In the immediate center foreground is Jane Gawronski, and seated to her left is Ed Harris sipping from his water bottle, next to him is Daniel Holstein from Point Loma. In the row directly behind them are – left to right – Bryan Pease (next to Gretchen Newsom), Jarvis Ross, Howard Wayne, John Wertz and Matthew Winter.

San Diego CityCoun D2 apmt pols02Another view of the applicants. In the 2 front rows, from left to right, Gary Lowe, James McBride, Musgrove, Newsom, Pease and Ross; next row is Stephanie Antin, Judge Coates, Bruce Coons, Chris Cramer, Gawronski, Harris and Holstein.

San Diego CityCoun D2 apmt CoonsHere, above, Bruce Coons of the Save Our Heritage Organization speaks before the Council, while television camera operators pick and choose who they videotape.

San Diego CityCoun D2 apmt Room02A view from near the rear of the Chambers.

San Diego CityCoun D2 apmt elainHere above, Mary Elaine Cooluris, right after speaking to the Council on her own behalf.  She has been a resident of OB for 24 years.

San Diego CityCoun D2 apmt CouncilThe City Council gets ready to hear the speeches. From left to right: Sheri Lightner, Myrtle Cole, Mark Kersey, Lorie Zapf, Scott Sherman, Marti Emerald; Todd Gloria sits to the left of the budge analyst.

San Diego CityCoun D2 apmt pols04The politicos await nervously and listen.

San Diego CityCoun D2 atmt Haris01Ed Harris just as he hears he was selected.

San Diego CityCoun D2 apmt Haris02The congratulations and handshakes begin. Here in beach shirt, applicant Chris Cramer of Karl Straus Beer offers his props.

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