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Ft Rosecrans 10-23-13 jc 04

This is the most northern part of the cemetery on the east side of the road. (All photos by Judi Curry)

by Judi Curry / October 23, 2013

It appears that progress is being made at the cemetery. Slowly, in the areas I checked out, but some of the areas of the cemetery that were behind green fences are now sporting beautiful green grass. This is at the most northern part of the cemetery on the east side of the road and snaking down to the bay-side where there are benches to sit on while looking over the San Diego Bay and listening to the cry of the seals.

Ft Rosecrans 10-23-13 jc 02aThere was evidence of men working on cleaning the monuments; men were moving the flat markers from the “curb” to the headstones; grading was taking place close to the road on the inside of the eastern part of the cemetery and sod is due to be laid beginning next week.

People that have loved ones buried in the graves on the ground are still not able to easily reach those spaces, but it is better than a few months ago, primarily because the temporary fences have been removed. A woman visitor asked me how to get in to the area to put some flowers on her father’s grave site, but it was not possible for her to do so because of the equipment in the way. I suggested that she leave the flowers in the small dirt strip under the niches, in line with her father’s grave, and assured her that he would know they were there for him.

Ft Rosecrans 10-23-13 jc 01Watching the men move the flat markers along the curb to the headstones was interesting. I don’t know how much they weigh, but they have to be extremely heavy. The larger markers took two men – sometimes three – just to pick them up and move them 5 feet to the headstones. The smaller ones were moved by one or two of the men, but usually just one. It grieved me to see them “drop” the markers. Positioning probably will come later, but it will be a difficult task.

All in all, there is movement being accomplished. I wish I could say this was being done in front of my husband’s niche, but it seems to be a matter of time before it is done. Meanwhile, the greener grass is the sign of things to come. It has come along slowly since my first article in August of 2012. However, the new director – Doug Ledbetter – is a perfectionist and he treats the cemetery as his own backyard. His direction is very noticeable, and I look forward to my return to the cemetery in the next few months.

Ft Rosecrans 10-23-13 jc 03

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irene wilton October 24, 2013 at 1:28 pm

Thanks for the update.


Candy October 24, 2013 at 1:28 pm

Judi, Thanks for the update. I hope & pray that the area where our husbands’ niches are will look better soon. We’ll see when we go next month. It’s sad that the workmen are just “dropping” the markers. I understand that this is very hard, heavy work. But there must be a better & more respectful way to do this that doesn’t risk breaking the markers or hurting the workmen.


Cora October 24, 2013 at 3:32 pm

Happy Birthday Bob! You know your “Judi Girl” is watching out for your niche.
You are not out of our thoughts!


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