Iraqis construct shoe sculpture to honor Bush shoe-throwing incident.

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by Ben Armbruster / Think Progress / Jan. 30, 2009

A large sculpture of one of the shoes thrown at President Bush last December by an Iraqi journalist was unveiled this week just outside an orphanage in Tikrit, Iraq — Saddam Hussein’s hometown. The orphans at the complex helped sculptor Laith al-Amiri build the shoe monument. “Those orphans who helped the sculptor in building this monument were the victims of Bush’s war,” said Faten Abdulqader al-Naseri, the orphanage director, adding that it “is a gift to the next generation to remember the heroic action by the journalist.” Al-Amiri praised the journalist, Muntadhar al-Zeidi, calling him a “source of pride for all Iraqis.” The sculpture also includes an ode to al-Zeidi and mentions the virtues of being “able to tell the truth out loud.”

Update: CNN reports that local authorities took down the monument “at the request of the central government” “We will not allow anyone to use the government facilities and buildings for political motives,” said Abdullah Jabara, Salaheddin province’s deputy governor.

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Myrtel February 1, 2009 at 2:10 am

So if bush gets a shoe monument, I wonder what kind of monument would be appropriate for Saddam Hussain, or for the admittedly guilty terrorist that purposely kills innocent people in the name of their religion. I would like to ask the journalist, with his wonderful freedom of speech this question. This journalist needs to address his issues with his own people that turned to the USA for help. The truth always comes out. And I beleive that George Bush is a man of honor, truth and justice. He stood by what was the right thing to do, not by what was popular. I am so sorry that the orphans have suffered and that this journalist is frustrated. He will probaly never ever change his views


Molly M February 1, 2009 at 11:35 am

Myrtel – I’m guessing you are part of the 23% who backed George Bush all the way to the end. You cite the Iraqi journalist’s ‘wonderful freedom of speech’. I believe – and someone correct me if I’m wrong – that he was immediately jailed and even beaten by guards. He’s still in jail to this day. His guards did give him a birthday party recently, as he has become a national hero to Iraqis and others in the Middle East tired of Bush’s warmongering.

You say the journalist’s ‘own people’ ‘turned to the USA for help.’ I think this misspeaks the historical record. Bush invaded a country that had not done anything to our country, had not asked us for help. Bush did not do the right thing, brought dishonor to this nation for years, turned truth and justice on their heads, and managed to make many orphans that you are sorry about. This journalist in Iraq won’t change his views, neither will I, or the 78% of Americans who couldn’t wait to get rid of Bush.


mr fresh February 1, 2009 at 11:50 am

i think we should build a shoe monument here in OB. or at least a shoe sand castle.


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