Bothered, Yeah, Right

by on April 5, 2023 · 3 comments

in From the Soul

by Ernie McCray

a man
who can’t open his mouth
without committing
a major crime,
after a lifetime of thuggery
of all kinds,
and one of his attorneys
is talking about
how we
should be
bothered by
a comeuppance
that’s been way overdue
for a hell of a long time.

Dude must be
out of his mind.
If I was bothered
nobody would know it
from the Grand Canyon-sized smile on my face
when I heard the news
that the actual arraignment,
the fingerprinting
and plea making
and all,
had taken place.
I’m about as bothered
as I’d be
after some ice cream
and a bite of some delicious key lime pie,
or as bothered
as I’d be
if my chronic back pain
suddenly went by-bye,
or as bothered
as I’d be
if a hungry lion
was chasing me
and just, when it thought
it had me,
fell in its tracks
with a pulled hamstring.
Seeing this man being held accountable
makes me want to
dance and sing
with a soulful horn section
and strings.

All to mean
how can anyone
be bothered
by a master criminal
receiving his due,
somewhat giving credence
to the
“No one is above the law”
point of view?

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Frank Gormlie April 5, 2023 at 11:25 am

Sometimes it’s the poets among us that say what we all feel. Thanks Ernie.


Marie Johnson April 5, 2023 at 10:19 pm

Right on! Thank you, Ernie. A source of amusement for me is the cable network hosts framing this with cacophonous sounds of “If they can do this to him, they can do it to you!” So true. If I commit felonies I, too, can be indicted. So, is your point that you DO want to be soft on crime?


Shirley Sprinkles April 6, 2023 at 8:55 am

“Hoisted on his own petard!”


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