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  • BradBlog ~ A potent mix of investigative journalism and biting humor.
  • Calitics ~ A progressive open source news organization for California politics
  • DeSmogBlog ~ Clearing the PR Pollution that Clouds Climate Science
  • HuffPost Los Angeles ~ Los Angeles News and Opinion
  • LA Progressive ~ Dick and Sharon
  • Leftblogistan ~ The Best of the Left on the Web
  • Marjorie Cohn ~ Law Professor and president of the National Lawyers Guild
  • The Rag Blog (Austin TX) ~ The Austin TX blog is found at
  • TomDispatch ~ A regular antidote to the mainstream media
  • War is a Crime ~ Formerly AfterDowningStreet
  • World War 4 Report ~ Defending the Fourth World, Deconstructing the War on Terrorism

Also, check out the archive of OB Rag’s coverage of the Occupy Movement

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