Green Bins for Organic Waste Coming to a Home Near You — Yours

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Public Service Announcement

Green waste bins are being prepared to be rolled out to homes across the city of San Diego as the Department of Environmental services starts up their green waste program.

All organic and food waste products will no longer be slated for the grey trash bins, but they now will be placed in the green bins with yard clippings.

The bins will cost nothing to the resident and is slated to start in mid-January. Roughly 300,000 households are slated to receive a bin and residents can get as many as two free bins.

There is no additional cost at this time and there is no scheduled new fee on the horizon. Free compost is now available to all San Diego city residents.

The goal with the new program is to cut back on the estimated 40% of food waste, which goes directly into the landfills. This program is being fused with the existing services of trash collection and recycling.

More information is expected to be sent out imminently. From SanDiegoFox5

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Paul Grimes December 1, 2022 at 9:40 pm

Who thought this thing up? For some reason, we can’t hold our food waste for up to 2 weeks in the green bin? The net will be doubling greenery trucks going through SD for the equivalent of one probably small food scraps bag for the extra stop. Greenery won’t increase. SD couldn’t have challenged this unfunded state mandate with reasonable things like compost bins or just holding the scaps for up to 13 days.
Instead, this was conveniently part of the push to charge for trash, which would have surely failed if this food scrap thing wasn’t on the horizon. Of course, the cans will be free, since the city will charge for the total service, including those “free” bins.


Mary Cairns December 5, 2022 at 4:43 pm

Not to mention the local critters (I have skunks and o’possums around) that *might* get into those bins. I’ve had 2 blue recycle bins (I only need 1) for quite some time as one showed up, and when I called the city to take the extra away, they said 1) that it belonged to someone 7 blocks away; and 2) they didn’t have the staff to come get the extra blue bin. I don’t have hope for this new program, and I wonder about the smell of keeping scraps in those bins during the warmer months (I bag my regular trash in the black bins). More flies, anyone?


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