San Diego COVID Experts: ‘Here We Go Again’

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by Jake Harper/ inewsource / June 6, 2022

A surge in COVID cases hitting San Diego County has public health experts worried that a rise in hospitalizations and deaths could be on the way.

The Omicron variants BA.2 and BA.2.12.1, which are even more contagious than the variant that caused a winter surge in the U.S., are responsible for the recent increase in cases across the county — rivaling numbers seen in the Delta wave late last summer. For example, confirmed cases surpassed 1,500 per day for three days straight in late May.

“The respite we get between surges seems to be decreasing,” said Corinne McDaniels-Davidson, epidemiologist and the director of the San Diego State University Institute for Public Health.

Even more alarming, she said, data from wastewater sampling suggests that the number of new cases could be undercounted as more and more people rely on home-based testing. Looking at cities that preceded San Diego in the latest COVID-19 surge, she worries that hospitalizations and deaths could soon begin to rise.

“I think that probably is coming,” she said. “It’s frustrating.”

COVID has killed more than 5,300 people in San Diego County since the start of the pandemic. While hospitalizations hit their lowest point of the year in April, county data show those numbers rising throughout May.

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Chris June 7, 2022 at 10:58 am

We’re in for a rough ride.


sealintheselkirks June 8, 2022 at 9:59 pm

Horrible analogy. This is only a ride if you consider a train wreck that is still most definitely still in progress.

At least one out of every 331 people in this country has died of Covid in the last 2 years. That’s the ‘official’ number being a million dead in this country. Which is very likely an under-count due to incompetence and/or deliberate suppression for political gain by how the deaths were counted (think FL).

In 1918, the last Pandemic, this planet only had 1.1 Billion. There was no ‘flu’ shots and people argued about masks and the disease being faked just as…shall we say…’vigorously’ as the current crop of anti-science zealots have over the last two years. Probably 50 million died worldwide but so many were uncounted then, too, as life was very rural still then across broad swaths of the world…

Worse, this is mostly preventable or at least would be much more controllable if only the stupid and the greedy (not always the same people but often are) would quit acting like they do. I’m not polite or PC enough I guess but with 21 dead on my list including two relatives, I’ve lost any empathy for those humans that fit into those two categories.

There is also is a growing list of people I know that are talking about their Long Covid/Sequelae symptom after effects (over 200 documented so far) Those are mainly ignored because it doesn’t fit into the narrative of ‘we are so over covid’ economic propaganda and bluntly the doctors don’t know what to do about it. Too new of a disease. What will 10 years show, 20? Brain damage, brain shrinkage, these we know are happening already!

Certainly the long term economic and health ramifications look a bit grim being that roughly 30% of the people who have caught it have symptoms that linger or come on suddenly both serious and not. Which comes to tens of millions of people worldwide at this point.

Maybe 20 million dead so far being reported by the WHO, and we’re only in another lull here in Year 3. Mustn’t alarm the serfs, though, because the only thing that matters is economics and the wealthy accumulation they produce for the already wealthy. Ain’t economics grand?

I’ve posted links and vids on Covid articles here on the RAG, and will continue to do so because it’s the correct thing to do. I’ll add another couple below though I really have no idea if anyone is paying attention.

#1 wear a freaking mask indoors at least. An N95 not a earloops surgical mask or a cloth mask unless you have a replaceable filter style as prolonged exposure is a factor for increased chances of infection to seriously sick.

#2 send billions of the shots out around the world. They are NOT vaccines unfortunately though I certainly wish they were equal to the Polio and Smallpox and others that you never catch again after getting inoculated. But Public Health is not good for corporate profits though it should be the final word. But it isn’t, just continued insatiable greed by the already ridiculously wealthy junkies who are every bit as addicted to more as any street meth-head or heroin addict.

Do the best you can, think before you act. Always have a mask with you. Like a seatbelt, it won’t stop the accident but maybe you won’t go through the windshield…


US, new omicrons
Dr. John Campbell
WHO Chief Warns Humanity Lowers Guard Against Covid-19 ‘At Our Peril’
The pandemic, says Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is “most certainly not over.”
Immunology professor on why data shows more COVID infections among boosted Americans

Monkeypox cases are rising—here’s what we know so far
An outbreak of monkeypox, which is related to smallpox, has public health officials concerned. But the virus can be contained with vaccines that are already stockpiled and available in some countries.

And I’ve got one person who was in total lock-down quarantine in a physical rehab facility unit in Conneticut (lost toes to diabetes). All four patients caught a variant of the Avian flu a few weeks ago. She said it was moon-suited doctors & nurses, nobody else allowed into the ward for ten days. Another disease circulating…



sealintheselkirks October 9, 2022 at 10:23 am

The Covid update for people who are still paying attention. More bad news to contemplate. No matter how much folks want to ignore this damn disease, you really shouldn’t be! With 40,000 freshly dead in this country between June 1-Sept 1 (official numbers), we truly can say that America is number one even with only 4% of the world’s population…

Hardly anybody is wearing masks here, a friend in Utah said the same thing about SLC, another in Maryland repeats the refrain as does my best friend in Hawai’i where infection rates are just spiking. Looking at the OB Hotel surf cam it looks like exactly the same pattern down there. A few masks here and there but the great majority are all playing Russian Roulette thinking it won’t happen to them.

A family I taught to snowboard a few years ago are just struggling back from their 2nd bout, and like the first one last year only mom got hit really hard. Husband barely had a cough after teenage daughter went down first, then mom was slammed to the floor for three weeks and is showing all the signs of long covid; brain fog, shortness of breathe, etc etc. She doesn’t have any more sick days so she’s back at work but barely functioning.

When Will the Pandemic Truly Be ‘Over’?
Everyone wants to be done with Covid. But no single milestone will signal the end of the virus.
The ‘End’ of COVID Is Still Far Worse Than We Imagined
Even now, the coronavirus is killing three times as many people as the flu.
Even mild COVID-19 can cause your brain to shrink
Recent brain imaging shows the disease can cause physical changes equivalent to a decade of aging and trigger problems with attention and memory. Exactly why is still a mystery.
What comes after Omicron? New variants are emerging.

At least 300 Americans have died from COVID-19 every day for the past three months, and roughly 50,000 new COVID-19 infections were reported in the U.S. every day in September—all caused by new sublineages of Omicron: BA.2, BA.2.12.1, BA.4., and BA.5. To date there have been more than 200 newer Omicron sublineages and their derivatives. What does mean for the new boosters and treatments?
The Pandemic’s Legacy Is Already Clear
All of this will happen again.

Recently, after a week in which 2,789 Americans died of COVID-19, President Joe Biden proclaimed that “the pandemic is over.” Anthony Fauci described the controversy around the proclamation as a matter of “semantics,” but the facts we are living with can speak for themselves. COVID still kills roughly as many Americans every week as died on 9/11. It is on track to kill at least 100,000 a year—triple the typical toll of the flu. Despite gross undercounting, more than 50,000 infections are being recorded every day. The CDC estimates that 19 million adults have long COVID. Things have undoubtedly improved since the peak of the crisis, but calling the pandemic “over” is like calling a fight “finished” because your opponent is punching you in the ribs instead of the face.
4 ways the world messed up its pandemic response — and 3 fixes to do better next time
A new report issued by the Lancet Commission looks at the first two years of the pandemic to consider what the world did right (spoiler: not much), what the world got wrong, and how we can end this public health emergency and prepare for future ones. According to the commission, the failures cost us 17.7 million unnecessary deaths globally — a figure that includes some 6 million reported deaths plus an estimate of unreported deaths. (Not to mention the many people still struggling with the long-term consequences of a prior infection with COVID-19.)

I continue to wear N95s whenever I go into a building.



sealintheselkirks October 14, 2022 at 7:08 pm


The Right’s Anti-Vaxxers Are Killing Republicans

Since Covid-19 vaccines arrived, the gap in so-called excess deaths between Republicans and Democrats has widened, a new study says.

A new study ( has concluded what many Americans have long suspected: The Covid-19 pandemic has killed more Republicans than Democrats…

Just thinning the herd I guess, eh?

The best thing you can do to quash a deadly Covid-19 surge this winter

Redesigned Covid-19 vaccines could save thousands of lives, but few are getting them.

Had my Bivalent Pfizer booster today in one arm, flu shot in the other. Flu shot cost me $35 but zero for the booster… Maybe I’ll make it through the coming surge expected as the Northern Hemisphere starts being inside more as winter hits.

So far I haven’t become magnetic….



sealintheselkirks October 21, 2022 at 11:06 pm

Another update that nobody is going to like. Corporate theft. We need a functioning public health system.

‘Daylight Robbery’: Pfizer Condemned for Hiking US Covid Vaccine Price by 10,000% Above Cost

“While health workers and the vulnerable continue to go unvaccinated in developing countries, Pfizer is shamelessly fleecing the public for ever-greater sums of money,” said one campaigner.
More bad news:

The COVID Data That Are Actually Useful Now

Move over, case rates and hospitalizations. The next generation of COVID tracking is here.

…”case rates may seem low now, true infections may be up to 20 times higher.”
I saw a woman and her five year old last week wearing masks at Safeway when I had to go in for cat food. I gave a thumb’s up to them and I could tell the little girl was grinning at me though it may have been my ’77 Bahne ‘Bullet’ skateboard dangling from my hand. Being an old guy surfer/skater in a tiny town does that…but just nobody is wearing masks in these mountains.

Can’t wait for the “most infectious strains yet” to get ripping through the population that just mutated off from BA. 5,. Can’t find the article but it’s Q something 1.0 and 1.1 and looking to overtake BA.5 as the number one strain in the USA. And the shots are expected to be completely useless against them.

Roughly 30% of anyone who’s caught this is suffering from Long Covid, that’s millions of people some who can no longer work as it’s disabled them. Does anybody think this is a good thing?
And this was kind of interesting:

Whites now more likely to die from covid than Blacks: Why the pandemic shifted


sealintheSelkirks November 14, 2022 at 4:26 pm

Getting harder to find sources for the latest except if one browses the latest university publications and even those are becoming less accessible to the public, but this is a good summary of a number of articles I’ve read into that was posted today by a regular on this site.

As usual, it really isn’t good news to those who have ‘forgotten’ we are in Year 3 of the Covid Pandemic. It did “just go away like a miracle” like Trumpie said it would. Duh.

I have a former student who just went down with it AGAIN last week down south. He’s a bus driver and I asked if he’s been wearing his N95 and he said no. Well, another DUH, dude! This was a kid that taught my straight A stepdaughter trig in high school so he does know how to use his brain… he can’t afford the time off especially since he’s a new hire and just passed through his training period. So he’s going to wear N95s to protect his passengers though it was probably one of his nearly 100% unmasked riders that gave it to him (and probably 5 or 6 others at the same time).

Covid ALERT! 10 LARGE Problems
And then there was this earlier article:

For those still trying to duck covid, the isolation is worse than ever
Some members of the masked minority have reorganized their lives indefinitely
I swear, we are(generally) such an intelligent country with so many examples to go by don’t you think?

Big s/ there if you didn’t catch it!
8’F this morning, glittering ice paths through this snow-covered property. The whitetails are eating the apples off my tree that they can reach. I’m still eating the ones on higher limbs. Yum, sweet organic Jonathans!



sealintheSelkirks November 15, 2022 at 6:55 pm

Quick update.

My old student was told to get an ‘official’ hospital covid test, went to the local one and was told he had to pay $300. He called his bus bosses and the union rep gave him a list of alternative places that don’t rip you off like corporate hospitals. It took a few miserable hours today calling around and (he doesn’t have a car) to get in for the test. It will be two days before the results but with a positive home test…they know he’s sick with it since they are losing drivers to covid like crazy at the moment. Three others were just put in quarantine today along with a couple administrators who are in the buildings all day (along with a couple of the mechanics), and he said they now don’t have enough drivers to run the routes to the University and city…

The advantage of having a Union job is that they help you with things like that along with a proof of a positive (he had to stop the bus to get out an heave in the bushes) means he at least gets 5 paid days off. He’s really sick and says he’s a lot worse than he was in his first bout with this crap. He sounded terrible and was complaining about opening a window and the air coming in smelled like dead wet animal. Wonder what strain he’s got? So many to choose from!

Don’t get this crap. He’s only 39 and it is kicking his ass big time.



sealintheSelkirks November 30, 2022 at 12:00 pm

Another update. The US is still seeing between 300-600 deaths a DAY from covid and the politicians do this:

Senate Votes to Overturn Covid-19 National Emergency

Just over a week after the “election to save democracy,” Senate Democrats voted with Republicans to end the Covid-19 Emergency Declaration three years after it was invoked. Both parties show us time and time again that the working class needs its own party.
Millions are dealing with Long Covid just like millions in the 1920s were dealing with the debilitating diseases associated with the 1918 Pandemic that my grandpa talked about (and was one of).

Doesn’t anybody pay attention to history so they can compare it with current events? Definitely not politicians it seems. Doesn’t anybody care? Nope, not really as long as you aren’t the one that’s affected from this new disease. Or one of your direct relatives that you find you have to start taking care of because we don’t have public healthy care in this country.

The Pandemic is not over, just ignored. But instead of 110 million we have 330 million in this country. Which means a larger cohort of damaged people from this disease to contend with. Something to think about. Or will those people continue to be ignored and poo-poo’d at because it doesn’t fit the Corporate-Capitalist program of ever-increasing profits?

And then there is this byproduct of the GOP/Christo-Fundie anti-science mentality:

Covid Disruptions, ‘Rising Anti-Vaccine Activism’ Linked to Growing Measles Threat

“Widening gaps in immunization coverage are letting measles—the most contagious yet vaccine-preventable killer disease—spread and cause illness and death,” said one expert.
Just…wow. Covid is spreading but governments don’t want to hear about it. How’s that for ‘government by the people?’



sealintheSelkirks December 4, 2022 at 6:10 pm

Latest two links, and of course nobody is going to like them. The 2nd is a non-subscriber link to the latest graphs etc.

But there is no way in hell that the medical community has any real idea of how many people are getting sick or infected. That was the entire point of those gov-subsidized home test kits. You think this gov would give anything FREE if the result didn’t have an alternative purpose that benefits them?

If TFG’s staff had thought of free test kits instead we’d still be in an Pandemic. Oh wait, WE STILL ARE! But the ‘official numbers’ would have looked better from the start. Which have always been below the reality. Even the deaths are underrepresented especially from the ‘excess death rate’ that insurance companies use.

Trust politicians to do what’s best for…keeping their corporate wealthy campaign bribes coming in. That’s why Biden is trying to break the railroad union like Reagan broke the Air Traffic Controllers Union in the 80s. Any of you remember that? Making the air safe for increased profits (!) and now the same thing happens. Is this what they call a mixed message to voters?

Oh well. Obama made not having medical insurance from a private for-profit multi-billion dollar corporation a federal crime. When you can be FINED by the IRS, a federal agency with agents carrying guns, it’s a crime, right? But I digress…

Here’s what you need to know about the COVID bivalent booster

And this certainly isn’t good news at all. The non-subscriber link to the ugly reality of Covid and now we’ve got the BQ variants running rampant across our country. Graphs etc at the link.

And yes, I still wear a mask everywhere when I’m out and about. Friday at Safeway there were probably six or eight of us out of maybe 40-50 people in the store (including maskless employees). Funny that it is quite noticeable that people without them are TRYING not to look at those of us who are. Pretending to ‘not’ see us is obvious. Weird stuff because one can literally catch them looking away. Don’t remind us they scream with their body language. Now we have the BQ variants and isn’t this going to be a fun 3rd winter of our discontent?



sealintheSelkirks December 15, 2022 at 3:24 pm

Today’s latest news. Even Biden’s “Covid is Over” administration is starting to get nervous. Is he going back on TV to apologize and admit he was blowing hot air out his ass? Will the GOP allow him spending federal funds to do this?

Probably no to both questions.

Warning of Winter Surge, White House Revives Free At-Home Covid Test Program

“This is not one disease in isolation,” said the president’s Covid-19 response coordinator. “We are very aware that this increase that we’re seeing in Covid is in that context of one of the worst flu seasons in a decade and RSV that was quite bad.”

Folks, best be thinking a little more critically again after the giddy playtime of the last few months. This damn virus mutates every 60 days into something new. Now Omicron BQ 1.1 and BQ 1.0 have taken over as the predominant strain from BA 5 in October. That’s just two months ago!

This is far scarier than people want to face I guess…me, too, for that matter. So far my ‘Dead of Covid’ list is still at 21.



sealintheSelkirks December 21, 2022 at 12:27 pm

Well, there was a surge of Covid among old people after Thanksgiving dinners and I expect with these new BQ strains that have blown across the country that it’ll be worse after Christmas with the huge increase in air travel going on. What a wonderful way to express family togetherness, spreading joy and sickness among your relatives. Yep, feeling a little cynical after hearing about a friend’s daughter whose mother in law (a 50 yr old nurse) that is now intubated and unconscious on her belly with RSV and pneumonia…

The curious case of the 471-day coronavirus infection

A patient’s lingering infection gave scientists a good look at viral evolution

NOTE: This article is from Aug. 30th.



sealintheSelkirks December 26, 2022 at 10:46 am

And with all the Christmas dinners that happened yesterday, it might be a good idea to have these on the shelf…For those that didn’t catch it:

Free tests can now be ordered online at or by phone at 1-800-232-0233 (TTY 1-888-720-7489).

…The New York Times reported Thursday that Covid-19 cases “have risen roughly 55% over the past two weeks, while deaths have surged by around 65% in the same period. Hospitalizations have risen over 20%, adding strain to medical centers already deluged by cases of the flu and respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV.”



sealintheSelkirks December 30, 2022 at 11:49 am

This is most current summary by poster. NEW variants BQ and XBB are dodging vaccines! NOT good.

“Markedly reduced” protection against rising BQ.1, BQ1.1, XBB, & XBB.1 COVID subvariants–Markedly-reduced-protection-against-rising-BQ-1-BQ1-1-XBB-amp-XBB-1-COVID-subvariants

So go party and don’t wear a mask and…risk assessment is not in the picture I guess. Waiting to hear about the surge of Christmas dinner infections and deaths like Thanksgiving did…

Wear a mask if you’re out and about. China is seeing 1 million new infections a day and it’s all going up here, too.



sealintheSelkirks January 2, 2023 at 2:57 pm

Primarily this says get the September ‘Bivalent’ shot now. Wear a mask now. Links to sources are at bottom:

Holy Crap! XBB 1.5 Has Gone NUTS!

Share this article

XBB 1.5 has far exceeded worst expectations, doubling its share of new U.S. covid cases, soaring from 18% to 40% last week.

The extremely immunity-proof mutation has pushed aside a dozen other covid variants by out-infecting them in a blitzkrieg wave blanketing U.S. states from coast to coast, proving itself the most-contagious covid of all.

continues at link


sealintheSelkirks January 10, 2023 at 12:00 pm

Two for this week .

XBB.1.5 scaring the bejeezus out of the scientists it seems. And wait until the next variants come from this explosion of infection:

China Ditched Zero Covid–Maybe It Shouldn’t Have

>>>”Next, in a shock to western elites salivating at the delusion that these protests would topple the government, China eliminated zero covid in early December, ending quarantine measures starting January 8. And the protesters got what they wanted. Two-hundred and fifty million Chinese were infected within weeks of ditching zero covid. Millions will now die, and the health care system is overwhelmed. Remember, even the vaccinated sicken in large numbers. It turns out that emulating the west, when it comes to public health, is a very, very bad idea.”

Omicron Variant XBB.1.5 is the most contagious yet.

It’s the biggest COVID variant in the U.S.—and the most contagious ever. Experts fear the new, rapidly spreading variant will trigger a winter wave and change the course of the pandemic.

Experts still haven’t determined if getting the latest booster helps your chances of escaping this variant, known as XBB.1.5—but evidence shows a shot can reduce the severity of illness. (Above, a cell infected with COVID.)

Some school districts, like Ann Arbor, Michigan, have already re-instituted masks to try to lessen the risk. continued at link

I know, never any good news. But

*NOTE: one local school put in their ‘neighborhood newsletter’ asking parents to have children use ‘sanitary measures’ ie: 20 second handwashing and have them WEAR MASKS. Also isolate sick kids and quit sending them to school.

Of course all this is voluntary which being an extremely GOP-controlled area isn’t going to happen.



sealintheSelkirks January 14, 2023 at 1:18 pm

I’ve been talking with a DJ friend of mine from the community radio station KYRS out of Spokane about the latest . She emailed this a couple days ago:

“My friend has long covid, and 6 months after he recovered from the
respiratory part he started losing his speech flow and suffered sudden
memory loss.
We have no idea what repercussions we will be dealing with down the road.”

She is in her late 30s, at risk having respiratory problems since she was a child, and is so careful that when her partner got sick she managed to not catch it while living in the same house. He so far has recovered okay… So I sent her this that just popped up:

Understanding Long Covid
We know more now than before, and it’s still alarming

Who’s at risk?

Anyone can get long Covid — including people who are young, healthy, or who initially had a mild or even asymptomatic infection.
This is not just a flu, it’s a brain disease for many. Wear an N95 (best) or KN95 (2nd best) mask, not cloth (which is better than nothing) when in groups of people. And believe me when I say I’m really tired of wearing them, too, but refuse to let that ‘covid fatigue’ behavior break down the critical thinking that this on-going Pandemic requires. Almost half a million new cases ‘officially’ in the US recent weekly infection counts and that is absolutely a low-ball figure due to the ‘home test kits.’

What would the US do with 250 million sick out our population of 325 million? Who would keep the lights on? This isn’t getting better, just more ignored. How can people ignore this? Because it isn’t in the MSM…



sealintheSelkirks January 20, 2023 at 12:21 pm

A BILLION cases in a month? 33,000 deaths a day? Are you f**king kidding me?

Capitalist China has just given up and letting it rip…sort of like the US has already done but there is NOTHING in the corporate media keeping track and informing us. It’s all being hidden which is a lovely side effect of ‘home testing.’ Out of sight out of mind in real time.

If you are kept from information you CANNOT make an informed choice; instead you are being treated as a near mindless baby swaddled in diapers.

Is the United States even somewhat prepared for an even minor event like this? s/

And southern Oregon is still buried by Covid and can’t get enough nurses to fully staff the hospitals:

XBB 1.5 is just amazingly contagious. But what’s next because a billion cases in China is certainly going to spin off a whole bunch of new variants that will make their way across the planet.

Big Sigh.



sealintheSelkirks January 29, 2023 at 12:28 pm

US infection numbers up, hospitalizations up, and looking at the vids of the major snowstorm that just hit Japan I was absolutely amazed at the incredibly high percentage of people out in the snowy streets that were masked up. Probably 90% or more in the news feeds.

Folks: Please, please, get the bivalent COVID-19 booster if you can

Millions of people suffer from long COVID—but why?

New data may help solve this mystery. Using a specialized lab technique, researchers are now testing patients with long COVID for microclots in their blood.

“We’re very early,” says David Putrino, a rehabilitation and long COVID scientist. But out of the few dozen samples they’ve tested, 100 percent had microclots.

Microclots Could Help Solve the Long Covid Puzzle

Microclots are detected in the patient’s smallest blood vessels which might help explain the conditions debilitating conditions…continued at link.



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