It’s ‘Guns, Baby, Guns’ for Carl DeMaio’s Congressional Campaign

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By Doug Porter / Words & Deeds / August 20, 2019

It’s a Day Ending in Y in August, so that’s as good as an excuse as any to catch up on what’s going on in California’s 50th Congressional District, also known as #DuncanHunterland.

When I last checked in on this contest, former talk show host Carl DeMaio was throwing his hat into the race, offering up the summary of a pathetic little (302 likely voters) push poll showing a voters liked him more than Duncan Hunter or Darrell Issa.

Since that time, Congressman Hunter’s trial on charges of misusing $250,000 in campaign funds was postponed from Sept. 10 to Jan. 14 until an appeals court considers a defense motion to dismiss the case. This makes it likely a verdict and or a plea deal won’t be done until very close to the March primary debate.

DeMaio’s latest campaign pitch involved standing in front of a Kearny Mesa gun store to announce a five-point “Let’s Roll Act” 

Read it and weep for just how far the right has taken this issue from having any basis in reality–via Times of San Diego:

  • Mandatory self-defense curriculum at all schools. Students would be given instruction on what to do in a shooting or terrorist attack.
  • National concealed-carry permit program. Allow individuals who undergo background checks and have proper training to have a concealed-carry permit honored in every state.
  • Improved background checks. All states would be required to report data in a complete and uniform manner to the National Instant Criminal Background Check system.
  • School safety reserve corps. Retired military and law enforcement personnel would be encouraged to volunteer their time at schools.
  • American hero reward program. Any individual who courageously takes down a mass shooter would be given a financial reward, and the family of any individual who gives their life to take down a mass shooter would receive a reward.

This announcement is in keeping with candidate DeMaio’s perception of the East County as the Wild West, where manly men carry guns and sheep are afraid.

Since he doesn’t actually live in the 50th, DeMaio is resorting to stereotypes to woo voters. In discussing his reasons for running for office he told KOGO listeners “we need more of the Second Amendment, not less of the Second Amendment.”

City Beat’s Spin Cycle columnist interviewed Larry Wilske, the retired Navy SEAL who is also seeking the office:

  • “I don’t know what he means,” Wilske said. “He’s full of shit. The sad part is he doesn’t understand how the rest of us are laughing at him.” Wilske said he talked to about 100 folks outside an Alpine grocery store the other day and claimed only two recognized the name Carl DeMaio.

DeMaio is certifiably good at silly political stunts, and we should look forward to more truth-challenged events as the season continues.  

Back to City Beat:

  • If Spin had a dime for every time some derivation of the phrase, “This isn’t about a candidate, it’s about a movement” has been uttered to launch a political campaign, it might have enough to afford one of the $15 DeMaio yard signs the former San Diego City Councilmember-turned-Trump-lite-radio-host is hawking on his website. Or maybe enough for a set of 10 “freedom” straws for $19.99 or a $25 “Freedom Doesn’t Mean Free S#!%” T-shirt or even a $45 bright-red “Make CA Great Again” ball cap.

DeMaio’s previous challenges for major office include losing to Rep. Scott Peters, D-San Diego, in 2014 and to Bob Filner in the 2012 race for San Diego mayor. He was also the leader of a failed attempt to repeal the state’s gas tax in 2018.

[For an update on Duncan Hunter’s ties to white supremacists, go to Doug’s original here.]

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