A Road to Nowhere for San Diego Republicans

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By Doug Porter / Words & Deeds / Feb. 26, 2019

A split party and a nutjob in the White House don’t bode well for the state leadership, either…

A statewide gathering of the California GOP elected Jessica Patterson as its leader earlier this week. She is representative of the demographics mostly not represented in the party these days: female, millennial, and Latinx. And she beat Travis Allen, the far-right advocate for all things Trump who placed fourth in last year’s gubernatorial primary.

Patterson, who says she voted for Trump in 2016, won while urging the party to steer away from “national issues’’ and focus in the next election cycle on matters like housing costs and taxes.

She has a lengthy history in Republican politics, most recently leading California Trailblazers, which prepares new candidates to run for office. Her career includes posts in Schwarzenegger administration, as well as the campaign of gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, among others.

Faux News dutifully greeted her victory with the headline: “California GOP picks Latina woman to lead historic ‘Republican comeback,’ suggesting in their coverage that “state Democrats are foundering on a series of high-profile issues on the national stage…”

The far-right flank of the California party fought hard, and somehow I think they’ll continue to sabotage the efforts of the new leadership to actually win elections.

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