San Diego County Supervisors Set to Oppose California’s Sanctuary Law

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We can no longer afford to ignore the County of San Diego in the struggle against the policies of the Trump administration.

San Diego’s Republican County Supervisors are proposing to join Attorney General Jeff Sessions lawsuit challenging our state’s stance against the administration’s racist policies. These actions will be considered in a closed session on April 17. The vote will likely be 3-2 in favor our using the County’s moral authority and our tax dollars in support of bigotry.

In addition to supporting the use of immigration enforcement as an instrument of terror, the Supes are proposing to consider supporting the administration’s quest to use the 2020 census to ask every American household to record which members of their family are US citizens.

The Trump administration’s immigration policies have become a litmus test for Republicans in California, and, unsurprisingly, they’re opting for the paths of white supremacy and marginalization. Orange County’s Supervisors voted unanimously to join Trump’s lawsuit against, its sheriffs are going to work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the right-wing stampede is underway.

What we’re really talking about here is the expression of intent. The we’re-not-racists in the Washington DC are using immigration enforcement as a bludgeon to beat back the imagined hordes of people of color plotting the overthrow of white supremacy.

Keep those Beverly Hill Billy’s out of San Diego!!! (hat tip to Jeff Powers.)

The process is supposed to be mean, to instill fear, to re-enforce the notion that some people are more equal than others. I can unequivocally guarantee that if Canadians who overstay their visa were being treated in the same manner, all hell would break loose. And if it were Russians, Congressman Devin Nunes would be leading the charge to save them.
*** I’ve repeated the above two paragraphs from yesterday’s column.

If this issue was about obedience to the to the law, these same people would be demanding prosecution for the trampling of the rule of law central to the functioning of the executive branch. The President’s son-in-law leaves a BILLION dollars worth of obligations off of the sworn declarations for working the White House and these same so-called patriots could care less. And that’s just the first example I thought of.

A majority of the San Diego County Supervisors are determined to join with these bigots, even though the census questions will likely reduce Federal funding for social safety net programs. They’re willing to cut their noses off to spite their faces, mostly because they don’t believe in those programs in the first place.

Three things need to happen over the next few weeks.

Email or call your County Supervisor to say we want them to protect SB-54, AB-405 & AB-103. Click on this link for a map of the districts to determine who your Supervisor is. Greg Cox and Ron Roberts, the two more moderate members of the board, are expected to vote against these proposals. Call them anyway just make sure they know which way the wind is blowing on the issue. Please be polite.

UPDATE: This phone number will route you to a Supervisor based on your zip code: 619-432-6700

  • District 1. Supervisor Greg Cox. 619.531.5511
  • District 2. Supervisor Diane Jacob. 619.531.5522
  • District 3. Supervisor Kristin Gaspar. 619.531.5533
  • District 4. Supervisor Ron Roberts. 619.531.5544
  • District 5. Supervisor Bill Horn. 619-531-5555

Script: “I’m calling to insist Supervisor XXX protect SB-54, AB-405, and AB-103. We are proud to live in a Sanctuary State and have no intentions of following in Orange County’s footsteps! I expect you to vote against joining Trump’s lawsuit on sanctuary cities and I expect you to support Attorney General Becerra’s lawsuit regarding the proposed citizenship question on the 2020 Census.”

*** SB-54, which limits how local law enforcement and federal immigration official can interact
*** AB-405, which prohibits private employers from granting Immigration and Customs Enforcement access to worksites or documents without a judicial warrant
*** AB-103, which created a state inspection system for immigration detention facilities located in California

Get ready to protest. I’m not sure at this point on the details, but you can bet people are going to want to make some noise.

Throw the bums out. Supes Ron Roberts and Bill Horn are termed out this year. The Republican establishment has people set to keep the same old same old crap going into the future. There are Democrats running in these races. Support one with your time and money.

Another two seats (Cox & Jacob) are up for grabs in 2020. And three other key elected posts on the ballot on June 5 have progressive-minded candidates challenging reactionary dinosaurs.

DA candidate Geneviéve Jones-Wright is one of those candidates. So are Matt Strabone (County Assessor/Recorder) and Dave Myers (County Sheriff). These are all contests that will be settled on June 5th, Primary Day.


If you have not registered to vote, do so now. Everything you need to know, including how to register online is to be found on this page at the Women’s March San Diego site.

This is an excerpt from Doug Porter’s column at SDFP.

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