Protests Set as County Supervisors Ready Endorsement of Trump’s War on Immigrants – Tues., Apr. 17

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On Tuesday, April 17, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors will meet in closed session to consider endorsing the Trump administration’s lawsuits challenging California’s legislation offering some minimal protections for immigrants.

While the Supes action is mostly symbolic, it is a statement of values. It is an affirmation of a cruel campaign waged by militarized forces, based on irrational fears, and drummed up by those who seek to disenfranchise all minorities as a means of building a political base.

Progressive organizations from throughout the region will rally at the County Administration building, starting at 8am. The weekly Indivisible protests outside Congressman Darrel Issa’s Vista office are moving downtown in solidarity.

From the Union Tribune:

In early March the Justice Department sued California and argued that three state laws interfere with the federal government’s efforts to address illegal immigration. In response, a handful of California counties and cities decided to get involved in the thorny debate. San Diego County could be next.

Supervisors Kristin Gaspar and Dianne Jacob are leading the effort to join the Trump Administration, arguing that it will be easier for law enforcement to fight crime if a court overturns the state’s sanctuary laws. Both appeared on Fox News.

“I am cautiously optimistic that we’ll have at least three votes out of the five, and that’s all it takes,” Jacob told Fox. “It would be great to have it be unanimous because this is a major public safety issue.”

Supervisors Gaspar and Jacob have refused to acknowledge citizen groups requests to discuss the matter. Ron Roberts, who represents District 4, has said he won’t attend the meeting.

My guess is the vote will come out 3-1 in favor of affirming the Trump administration’s stance. Only Greg Cox, who represents the South Bay, will be likely to vote against the resolution.

The only public safety part of this issue that matters is the ever-increasing reluctance of immigrant communities to engage in the face of enforcement actions by the federal officers who refuse to even operate within official boundaries.

It’s not just undocumented citizens who have committed “crimes” being rounded up. In San Diego, 72% of those arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the first quarter of 2018 were “non-criminals.”

The more outrageous actions by government agents, like snatching parents on the street in front of their children, have been justified by claims they were involved in human trafficking. Except that the charges turn out to be bogus.

The Trump administration, as Senator Diane Feinstein pointed out in a Washington Post op-ed this weekend, is proposing legislation removing even the most basic protections for children caught up in these enforcement operations. They say it’s a “loophole” to ensure children can’t be held in indefinite detention pending resolution of their cases, which can sometimes take years.

Again, this is about values. It is not about law and order. These actions are being ordered by an administration widely considered to be corrupt. The inevitable criminal indictments coming down the pike will be ignored by its Vichy Republican followers who consider themselves above the law.

The Stand Up for California Values rally will be ongoing on the morning of Tuesday, April 17th, starting at 8am outside the County Administration Building.

If you can not make it, consider signing the petition below:

Sign the petition below to fight for our friends, families and neighbors and tell our San Diego County Board of Supervisors to STAND WITH CALIFORNIA.

The Background

To show its commitment to welcoming workers, families, and communities, California passed three laws: the California Values Act (SB 54), the Immigrant Worker Protection Act (AB 450), and the Dignity not Detention Act (AB 103).

These laws ensure that all families can live and work safely in California, and that is why Trump is suing us. Trump is going after California first, because if he can beat us, he can bully other states into doing what he wants.

But now, our San Diego County Board of Supervisors, may decide to side with Trump and Attorney General Sessions, against all of us.

Chairwoman Gaspar has made clear her intent to support the Trump agenda. At her request, on April 17 the Board of Supervisors will meet in secret, to decide if San Diego County will add its name to Trump’s lawsuit against California, and work with Trump against our own state.

Chairwoman Gaspar and Supervisors: DON’T SIDE WITH TRUMP, STAND WITH CALIFORNIA!

County supervisors are public officials; elected to represent San Diego County residents. Instead of doing their jobs, investing in San Diego families and communities, they are putting on a costly political stunt with our county resources.

Tell your supervisors that siding with Trump against the people of our state is wrong and San Diegans stand together against hate.

San Diego County Board of Supervisors: STAND WITH CALIFORNIA!

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Sam April 19, 2018 at 10:44 am

The author here is confused.
The President’s stance is against “illegal” immigration, just like every other country.


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