San Diego County Government’s Injustice Machine

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I have a few observations about our County so-called government to share :

First Amendment eff up. Journalist Kelly Davis has worked diligently over the past few years exposing injustices in local government. The County of San Diego didn’t take kindly to her (along with Dave Maass) exposés concerning (60!) jail deaths at the SD County Jail. So they decided to drag her into court to reveal her notes, interviews, and recordings from the award-winning CityBeat series. She’s off the hook, for now, thanks to a judge with common sense. But there’s still a chance the County government’s legal counsel will appeal. Read about it here.

Sexual predator County Sheriff still on the loose. County Sheriff Bill Gore’s investigation into a sheriff’s deputy accused by 14 women of groping them, along with other abuses of power was completed on January 19th. County District Attorney Summer Stephan had staff assigned to the three-month-long inquiry. So where are the charges?

Deputy Richard Fischer was placed on administrative duty in November and relieved of duties in December. He remains on the county payroll and has not been charged with any crimes.

It appears what’s going on here involves the time-honored technique of prosecutors dragging out proceedings against law enforcement officers accused of wrongdoing in the hope the public will forget about their offenses.

This is certainly the case with San Diego Police Department officer Colin Governski, caught perjuring himself in court via his own body-worn camera last summer. Tony Diaz, a homeless man had his conviction for a misdemeanor violation overturned when evidence surfaced proving the arresting officer lied under oath about the circumstances leading to the arrest. Six months later, the County District Attorney’s office has failed to take this case to court.

Speaking of coverups, how about County Sheriff Bill Gore’s office writing up Cmdr. David Myers (who’s running against Gore in June) for daring to meet (off duty) with Deputy Fisher’s 14 victims. The meeting, prior to the San Diego Women’s March last month, “could jeopardize an ongoing investigation,” according to the written warning. Via the Union-Tribune:

San Diego attorney Dan Gilleon represents both Myers and the 13 women who have filed legal claims or lawsuits against San Diego County. He said Wednesday the action against Myers is evidence the county is violating Myers’ right to seek elected office.

“It seems clear that this official order was designed to quell Mr. Myers’ free speech and campaign activities,” he said by email.

Gilleon also said the actions may serve to silence the victims as the civil cases move forward in a mediation proceeding.

“Whereas they claim they want to prosecute Fischer for his abuse of police power, the county realizes that the more my clients engage in these heroic ‘me too’ activities, the more victims will come forward,” he added. “I truly do not think the county wants to find more victims regardless of what various officials claim.”

The Sheriff’s office–which has re-assigned Myers to a broom closet–denies this action was retaliatory. The reality is they think they can get away with this sort of malfeasance. They think you’ll forget come June when it’s time to vote for Supervisor, District Attorney, and County Sheriff.


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