Arm the Teachers, Blame the Liberals Says Rep. Hunter, Plus Progressive Activist Calendar for Feb. 23 – Mar. 5, 2018

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From Doug Porter’s Friday column at San Diego Free Press

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Not Indicted Yet) needs a new nickname. Mr. AR15 sounds right, cause they’re both available for (relatively) cheap.

The Center for Responsive Politics, says as of the end of 2017, Hunter has accepted $41,087 from the National Rifle Association. That puts him next to last among California’s Republican Congressman who have been supported by the NRA.

None-the-less, Hunter’s been front and center pushing the NRA’s line. Teachers who have served in the armed forces need to be armed: “Nobody is getting shot in these school shootings after an armed presence arrives.”

Raising the age requirements for buying weapons isn’t viable, less the government also changes the minimum age for military service. And Florida school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz wasn’t crazy. He just had “no God in his life.”

Congressman Duncan Hunter’s recent attempts to throw his wife under the bus for the misuse of campaign funds aren’t working out.

Screenshot from Hunter’s interview on Channel 10

The Union-Tribune looked into his claim, made to Politico, that the improper charges made to his campaign’s credit card were made by Margaret Hunter while he was in Washington.

Guess what? The East County Congressman’s social media and other records show he was along for the Disneyland trip, the River Rafting in Idaho, the vacations in Hawaii and Italy, and stays at luxury lodging properties in Los Angeles.

Asked about the allegations swirling around him, Hunter did what any good Republican would do these days, he blamed the liberal media:

The Republican congressman, who represents California’s 50th District, told 10News anchors Virginia Cha and Jason Martinez that he was “not worried” about a recent Politico article that included allegations that he was drinking on the job and having relationships outside of his marriage.

“This is politics. There is a liberal slant to media. If they can’t beat you in an election, this is how they try to beat you. You’re going to have slanderous, salacious stories about everybody. When you do it anonymously without a single source cited, I’m not worried,” Hunter said

Check out this week’s Progressive Calendar listings below. Following those listings are upcoming events of national importance, along with opportunities for organizational involvement.

Get your event listed: I try to list the next 10 days or so of mostly non-commercial events I think our readers might find of interest. I source my material from social media listings and press releases. Club meetings will be listed IF there are speakers and they are open to the public.

Democratic Candidates: I will list all non-fundraising events open to the general public. A listing does not imply endorsement. Events that are listed on Facebook as ‘private’ or sold-out are not listed. In cases where there are competing but similar events or campaigns of the progressive persuasion, I do my best to list everything.

February 23

CA State Democratic Convention Events

Various Locations

Democrats from all over California are in San Diego this weekend for their annual gathering. Will it be peace & goodvibes? Or a circular firing squad? Who knows? Who cares?
The convention itself is not open to the public, as pre-registration (for Democrats) was required. There will, however, be a gazillion events around downtown for various constituencies and caucuses. Not all are free. I’ve listed the name of the events not taking place in the Convention Center with a link to their Facebook page for more information.

Pre-Convention Delegate Happy Hour

Pride & Politics: An LGBTQ Reception for the CA Dem Convention

Pizza & Drinks: CYD API Caucus 2018 Convention Mixer

Latinos for John Chiang

Party with Food & Water Action!

RWR & CTGCA Welcome CA Assemblywoman Laura Friedman

Bad Hombres and Nasty Women CADEM Welcome Party

SDCYoungDems Welcomes You To America’s Finest City

End of Cannabis Prohibition- San Diego Edition: California State Democratic Convention After Party!

Berniecrat Super Progressive Bash-A Celebration of Activism

Protect Renters – Repeal Costa Hawkins – Rally at CDP Convention

Building a Constructive Peace Through Engagement

2018 Champions of Change Reception

Gayle Force Launch Meet and Greet

San Diego: Working People’s Day of Action


Launch Party – YIMBY Democrats of San Diego County

Friday, February 23, 8pm
Union Cowork East Village
704 J Street
For More Information
Hosted by YIMBY Democrats of San Diego County

HEADLINER: Our special guest will be *State Senator Scott Wiener* from San Francisco, a leading advocate for more and more affordable homes in California. DRINKS: We’ll have free drinks, and lots of fun with your fellow YIMBY Democrats!

CALIFORNIA: The Launch Party will coincide with the California Democratic Party Convention hosted this year in San Diego. We welcome YIMBYs from all around California to join us, and to learn about how to start your own YIMBY Democrats club in your community.

WHAT’s A YIMBY DEM? A YIMBY Democrat is a Democrat that believes we must take action to build more and more affordable homes! Join us to find out more and to get involved.

North County Black History Month Celebration

Friday, February 23, 6pm
Second Missionary Baptist Church
5301 Mare Road (Oceanside)
Tickets / Info

The North County Black History Month Celebration is an event for the entire community. Join us to celebrate Black History through music, food, arts, and crafts. Celebrate with A Taste of Soul Buffet. Enjoy the menu of homemade soul food and desserts, everything from fried chicken and fish to peach cobbler and sweet potato pie.

Celebrate with song. The Civil Rights Movement taught the world the unifying power of communal singing. The Music of Black Protest is a lecture interspersed with song. Learn the history of music used as protest from the 1600s to modern times. Enjoy singing familiar tunes and learn a few more.

Celebrate with the Heritage Market. Enjoy the opportunity to purchase cultural and artistic items from local vendors.

February 24

San Diego: Working People’s Day of Action

Saturday, February 24, 3:30pm
Convention Center Park
East Harbor Drive & Park Boulevard
For More Information (RSVP)

Thousands of working people and our allies will stand up for our freedoms and demand an end to a system that’s rigged against us. We will rise up and fight.

Fight for the freedom to come together in strong unions.
Fight for equitable pay.
Fight for affordable health care.
Fight for quality schools.
Fight for vibrant communities.
Fight for a secure future for all of us.

When we join forces and stick together, we are unstoppable.

Single-Payer Teach-In

Saturday, February 24, 10am
Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation
404 Euclid Street
For More Information
Hosted by Health Care for All San Diego Chapter

Approximate Schedule – drop in anytime, stay as long as you like!
10:00am – Welcome & Movie: Now is the Time!
10:50am – discussion, questions and answers in english11:30am – Welcome & Movie: Now is the Time!
12:05pm – discusión, preguntas y respuestas en españolFor small business owners, entrepreneurs, & the self-employed, the business case for guaranteed healthcare:
12:45pm – Movie: Fix It!
1:25pm – discussion, Q&A

Community Celebration: CenterLine Transit Stations & Bikeway

Saturday, February 24, 11am
Terra Alta Park & Orange Avenue (City Heights)
For More Information
Hosted by City Heights Community Development

When Mid City residents learned in the 1970s that Caltrans had plans to build a freeway through the middle of their community, residents began organizing for an alternative plan which lead to the successful inclusion of a freeway cap park (Teralta Park), bike/pedestrian bridges, transit plazas (City Heights and Blvd Transit Plazas), parallel bikeways (SR-15 Commuter Bikeway, Central Ave Bikeway), and adjacent parks (Park De La Cruz, Ward Canyon Park). The final pieces to complete the SR-15 corridor are the hard-fought CenterLine Stations Transit Stations at University Ave and El Cajon Blvd for the Rapid 235!

Advocacy works and the community resiliency that pulled off this multi-generational campaign has made us stronger! Join us for free food, family-friendly activities, entertainment, giveaways, and the projection of a short documentary film as we celebrate the grand opening of the CenterLine!

4th Annual Chicano Park Day Fundraiser

Saturday, February 24, 6pm
Chicano art Gallery
2117 Logan Avenue
Hosted by Chicano Art Gallery

A Townhall of Corporate-free Candidates: Overcoming Corporate $

Saturday, February 24, 11:30am
Joyce Beers Community Center
3900 Vermont Avenue (Hillcrest)
For More Information

What do Gayle McLaughlin, Lori Saldana, and Josh Jones have in common? They are rejecting corporate contributions in their campaigns for office, AND they will be joining a Town-hall panel.

Join the conversation and learn:
1) From Corporate-Free candidates for a wide array of offices (state-wide to city council) and parties (Greens, Democrats, “independents”) who describe why they are running Corporate-Free campaigns and what they have learned.
2) How corporate dominance has crippled progressive change in our economy, environment, health care, education, housing, transportation, and criminal justice system.
3) From Gayle McLaughlin, founder of the Richmond Progressive Alliance (RPA) and candidate for Lt. Governor, on how the Corporate-Free Elections strategy has been wildly successful in not only winning elections but also in making huge progressive political change AFTER winning (e.g., implementing rent control, $15 minimum wage, effective police review, solar energy jobs, stronger emissions standards, taking back the City of Richmond CA from Chevron’s control, etc.)

PlantPure Nation Screening, Reception, Q&A

Saturday, February 24, 2pm
Joyce Beers Community Center
3900 Vermont Avenue (Hillcrest)
For More Information (Tickets)

PlantDiego, along with Activist San Diego, will be hosting a local event featuring a screening of the ground-breaking film, “PlantPure Nation” on February 24th, 2018 followed up with a Q & A panel. Also featured: a vegan reception and food prep/demonstration with favorite whole-food, plant-based recipes inspired by Marina and Tracy, founding leaders of PlantDiego!

The documentary film PlantPure Nation tells the story of three people on a quest to spread the message of one of the most important health breakthroughs of all time. After renowned nutritional scientist and bestselling author T. Colin Campbell gives a stirring speech on the floor of the Kentucky House of Representatives, his son, Nelson, and Kentucky State Representative Tom Riner work together to propose a pilot program documenting the health benefits of a plant-based diet. Once the legislation goes into Committee, agribusiness lobbyists kill the plan. Undeterred, Nelson decides to try his own pilot project in his hometown of Mebane, North Carolina.

Walk and Knock Encinitas/Carlsbad

Saturday, February 24, 10am
Ocean Knoll Elementary School
910 Melba Road (Encinitas)

Join us to talk to voters about issues that matter to all of us and the future of our country!

Flipping the 49th depends on communities in Encinitas and Carlsbad. We just need 2000 more voters to get to the polls next year to say NO to the President Trump agenda. YOU can help make that happen!

No experience needed! We provide training, scripts, walk lists, breakfast food & snacks. Wear walking shoes, hats (or sunscreen) and sunglasses, and get ready to take some direct action and talk to voters.

Meet Gloria La Riva, the Socialist Running for Governor

Saturday, February 24, 5:30pm
San Diego Justice Center
4410 Glacier Avenue #101
For More Information
Hosted by San Diego PSL and Party for Socialism and Liberation – PSL

We are very excited to host Gloria La Riva here in San Diego. Gloria is a long time activist and has been on the front line of many struggles. The time has come for the masses to have a voice in the electoral arena outside the two party system. Independent socialist candidate Gloria La Riva is running for Governor in the California 2018 primary election on the Peace and Freedom Party (PFP) ticket.

Running on the platform of “Housing, Healthcare and a Job for ALL,” she will bring voice to working class issues in the electoral arena. Gloria La Riva is a longtime community, anti-war and union activist, 2016 PFP presidential candidate and fighter for immigrant rights. Hear from the candidate and find out how you can get involved!

You do not want to miss hearing from this amazing radical woman of color.

February 25

Issue Panel: Gerrymandering and Money in Politics

Sunday, February 25, 1:30pm
Balboa Club Park Building – Santa Fe Room
2144 Pan American Road West
For More Information
Hosted by San Diego Indivisible Downtown

The effect of gerrymandering and money in politics has shaken our democracy. But are there real solutions to these issues? How are people getting active today? San Diego Indivisible Downtown invites the public to attend a panel discussion featuring top experts in the field.

Confirmed Panelists: Lori Shellenberger
Former Director for ACLU of California’s Voting Rights Project, 2011 to 2017

Chad Peace
Legal Strategist for Independent Voter Network

Ed Chaplin

A Sunday Stroll with Sean

Sunday, February 25, 1pm
South Park- Nine Seas Mariscos truck in the Target parking lot
For More Information
Hosted by Sean Elo for San Diego Community College Board 2018

Our team has been walking neighborhoods and talking to voters for months. Now, with the election less than 100 days away, we need your help so we have the people power to win this race. Join us as we talk to voters about Opportunity for All!

County Board of Supervisors District 4 Endorsement Meet

Sunday, February 25, 4pm
Point Loma Assembly
3035 Talbot Street
For More Information
Hosted by Point Loma Democratic Club

The Point Loma Democratic Club will hold our second endorsement meeting of the year, where we’ll consider the contest for County Board of Supervisors District 4. This is of great interest to members living north of Pt Loma Avenue. This is your chance to hear from all of the candidates in person and to ask them questions. The four candidates that we will bring forward are:

Nathan Fletcher
Ken Malbrough
Omar Passons
Lori Salda?a

February 26

Sisters In the Struggle: Black Women Activists 1940s-present

Monday, February 26, 12:45pm
San Diego City College
1313 Park Boulevard
For More Information

This panel will be a presentation by African-American women activists and scholars and will discuss the trajectory of Black women activism in the U.S. from 1940s to the present. The discussion will focus on women in the Black radical left movement of the 1940s, the Black Panthers of the 1960s and the Black Lives Matter movement today. The presenters will offer their knowledge and personal experience to highlight the important contributions of Black women in activist movements throughout history.

Guest Speakers: UC San Diego Ethnic Studies Professor, Dayo F. Gore, will present on the history of black radicalism, feminism and the American Left, focusing on African-American women activists in the 1940s and 1950s who were part of social justice movements during the Cold War era and who advocated for Black women’s rights.

City College English Professor and former member Black Panther Party, Roberta Alexander, will discuss her experience as an activist in the movement and its relevance today.

Wilnisha Sutton is a community activist and vocalist in San Diego. Her presentation will focus on her work as an activist in the local African-American community and especially on her experience as a leading activist in the protests against the shooting of Alfred Olango.

Allies Mobilizing Meeting to Save PQ Village

Monday, February 26, 6:30pm
Centro Cultural de La Raza
2004 Park Boulevard
For More Information
Hosted by Asian Solidarity Collective

Calling ALL allies/co-conspirators/accomplices to come to this important mobilization organizing meeting to discuss how we can show up for PQ VILLAGE, center and amplify PQ Village resident’s voices and THEIR ASKS leading up to the city council vote. We will need all people concerned about PQ VILLAGE as well as the issue of the affordability housing shortage and the continuing rise of homelessness in San Diego to attend this meeting on Monday, February 26th at 6:30 pm so we can discuss mobilizing efforts for the city council vote date of MARCH 5th at 2:00pm. Come and organize with us!! For more info visit:

Meeting Location: the KITCHEN AREA of the Centro. (there will be a dance class in the main area, pls do not disturb them and go directly to the kitchen area in the back for the meeting)

Background: About 900 PQ residents, many whom are Filipinx seniors and disabled, will lose their homes as 332 units are replaced by expensive townhomes and luxury apartments. San Diego County has been experiencing a crisis of homelessness and affordable housing since 2013. This is the worst time to lose affordable homes in our neighborhood. We believe our City Council and Community Planning Boards require an increase of affordable housing development – not a decrease

February 27

UCSD Campus Canvass!

Tuesday, February 27, 11am
UCSD – LGBTQ Resource Center
For More Information
Hosted by Flip the 49th Neighbors in Action

Are you concerned about the direction our country is moving? Are you worried about what President Trump is doing, from attacking protections of immigrants, women, and the LGBTQ community, to cutting our tuition assistance? This year we have a chance to fight back and vote for a congressperson who will fight for us and against Trump. Will you join us for a first-ever Campus Canvass, to register students to vote and inform fellow students about how crucial this election is?

We will meet at 11 AM for a 20 minute training, followed by a 1 hour walk. Coffee and pizza will be provided.

City of Chula Vista Considering Marijuana Regulation

Tuesday, February 27, 5pm
City of Chula Vista Building
276 4th Avenue
For More Information
Hosted by San Diego Cannabis Delivery Alliance

Chula Vista – San Diego County’s commercial center to the South is considering the comprehensive regulation of commercial marijuana businesses. This is the only opportunity in San Diego County currently available for independent delivery service operators to enter the Bureau of Cannabis Control supply chain. It is imperative all delivery operators show up in solidarity. Your presence evokes the social change we need. Even if you choose not to speak at the council meeting, your support encourages and strengthens our voice.

CRB Public Meeting! Topic(s)Ending the Chokehold

Tuesday, February 27, 6pm
Cherokee Point Elementary School
3735 38th Street
For More Information
Hosted by Showing Up for Racial Justice – SURJ San Diego

Join us as we witness how San Diego PD explains why they “WANT TO KEEP THE CHOKEHOLD “! It’s our responsibility to show up and speak out and say no more!

February Business Meeting

Tuesday, February 27, 6:30pm
Elijah’s Restuarant
7061 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard
For More Information
Hosted by San Diego County Young Democrats

County Board of Supervisors District 4 and Assembly District 76 endorsement considerations, Save PQ Village, and convention updates are on tap.

San Diegans for Gun Violence Prevention Launch

Tuesday, February 27, 7pm
Flex Space
9484 Black Mountain Road
For More Information (RSVP)
Hosted by San Diegans for Gun Violence Prevention

The San Diego chapters of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and Moms Demand Action and our partners are proud to announce the launch of San Diegans for Gun Violence Prevention.

Please join us for the launch of our coalition. We will have speakers from some of the organizations involved and also gun violence survivors. Together we can end gun violence.

Examining the Death Penalty
An Intimate Evening With Sister Helen Prejean & Uriah Courtney

Tuesday, February 27, 5:30
California Western Law School
225 Cedar Street
Two dynamic speakers will share their experiences with our criminal justice system. We invite you to hear their stories as we examine the death penalty.

Sister Helen Prejean, activist, author, and spiritual advisor to death row inmates, will share stories from her work inside death row. Her two books, Dead Man Walking: An Eyewitness Account of the Death Penalty in the United States and Death of Innocents: An Eyewitness Account of Wrongful Executions, have been instrumental in shaping our national dialogue around capital punishment.Uriah Courtney spent 8 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Though the work of the California Innocence Project, he was freed in May 2013.

Uptown Democratic Club
The San Diego Climate Mobilization Campaign

Tuesday, February 27, 7pm
Joyce Beers Community Center
3900 Vermont Avenue (Hillcrest)
For More Information

Scripps Institute of Oceanography, San Diego, has stated that human extinction is possible by 2050. What can be done to save us? Come hear Derek and Nancy Casady, organizers for The San Diego Climate Mobilization Coalition, talk about the solution to climate change and global warming.

We need action more than ever because the current federal government’s policies of dismantling climate regulations that were put forth by previous administrations contradict what science tells us.

Nancy is the former general manager of Ocean Beach People’s Organic Food Co-op, a business owned by 14,000 consumers and Derek is a former editor of Psychology Today magazine and president of the La Jolla Democratic Club.

February 28

Where the Guns Go: US Arms & the Crisis of Violence in Mexico

Wednesday, February 28, 6pm
3850 Westgate Place
For More Information
Hosted by AFSC-San Diego

In 2017, after a decade of the U.S.-supported drug war, Mexico is experiencing more killings than ever – most of them committed with guns coming from the United States, legally or illegally. What can be done to stop the bloodshed with U.S.-sourced weaponry?

John Lindsay-Poland coordinates Stop US Arms to Mexico, and has written about, researched and advocated for human rights and demilitarization of US policy for more than 30 years. His research has focused on U.S. foreign military assistance and military bases and respect for human rights. Recently he produced the documentary and companion report, Where the Guns Go: U.S. Policy and Human Rights in Mexico. He previously served the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR), as Latin America program coordinator, research director, and founder of its Colombia peace team. He studied as an undergraduate at Harvard University. He is author of Emperors in the Jungle: The Hidden History of the U.S. in Panama (Duke University Press) and “We Want a Witness”: The United States in the War in Colombia (2018, Duke University Press). Stop US Arms to Mexico is a project of Global Exchange and the Mexican Commission for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights.

Join Us As We ‘Grade the Media’

Wednesday, February 28, 6pm
Point Loma Nazarene University – Holt Hall;
3900 Lomaland Drive
For More Information
Hosted by SPJ San Diego Pro Chapter

Remember the man who stole a truck to drive victims of the Las Vegas shooting to the hospital? San Diegan Taylor Winston is among the panelists who will discuss how they’ve been treated by the media at this year’s annual Grade the Media event.

These panelists were the subject of big news stories this past year and this is their chance to talk about what it was like to be in the spotlight. Moderated by Claire Trageser of KPBS, the panel includes:

Taylor Winston – The Iraq war veteran from Ocean Beach who put his life on the line during the Las Vegas mass shooting.
Tony Manolatos – A PR consultant working for several high-profile clients, including the San Diego school system, the campaign against community choice aggregation and Councilman Chris Cate following his decision to share a confidential memo.
David Alvarez – This San Diego City Councilman spent 2017 wrestling with such issues as local governments’ hepatitis A response, homelessness, and vacation-rental regulations.
Dulce Garcia – A Dreamer and immigration attorney who has sued President Donald Trump.

Public Safety Town Hall in Chula Vista

Wednesday, February 28, 7pm
Mangia Italia Restaurant
248 Third Avenue
For More Information (RSVP)
Hosted by Geneviéve Jones-Wright for DA

March 1

Existing is Resisting: Student Activism

Thursday, March 1, 5:30pm
Center for Intercultural Relations
For More Information
Hosted by Women’s Resource Center at SDSU

A panel discussion about how student activists navigate institutions of higher education:

Marissa Mendoza, SDSU undergrad, President of Native American Student Alliance (NASA), Chapter leader of Students for Quality Education (SQE), Zakkiyya West, SDSU undergrad, AS Rep for College of Arts and Letter, President of Africana Studies Major and Minor Association, Dr. Ortiz, Chicano Chicana Studies Professor at SDSU, Co-chair of Chicano/Latino Conilio of San Diego County, Board member of Alliance San Diego

March 2

Chicano Mexicano Political Prisoner Fundraiser Dinner

Friday, March 2, 6pm
Centro Cultural de La Raza
2004 Park Boulevard
For More Information
Hosted by Unión del Barrio

Join Union del Barrio on Friday, March 2nd from 6-8pm at the Centro Cultural de la Raza for our Ernesto Bustillos’ Fundraiser Dinner. This event will be the kickoff event for Chicano Mexicano Prison Project 20th Annual Conference on Prisons and Colonialism. This year’s Conference will be titled: “Mujeres Resistiendo en Las Calles y la Torcida.” We will be having mole and music!

This year’s kickoff event will celebrate the life, work, and legacy of Union del Barrio and the Chicano Mexicano Prison Project’s founder, Chairman, and ideological and political leader, Camarada Ernesto Bustillos. On March 26th, 2012 Chairman Neto as the people knew and remember him passed away leaving behind a heroic body of work and example of revolutionary struggle not only for Raza but for oppressed, colonized, and working class people throughout las Americas and the world. Join us as we celebrate and honor Chairman Neto’s life and legacy by kicking off another campaign of struggle.

March 3

Community Kick-Off Precinct Walk

Saturday, March 3, 10am
Memorial Park
373 Park Way (Chula Vista)
For More Information (RSVP)
Hosted by Patrick Macfarland for City Council District

Please join us to spread the word about the Fresh Leadership and Fresh Vision that Patrick MacFarland has to offer Chula Vista. Special guest Councilmember Steve Padilla will kick off the event.

Meet The Avengers

Saturday, March 3, 3pm
Beachside Bar & Grill
806 South Coast Highway (Encinitas)
For More Information (RSVP)
Hosted by The Wagon Circle

Join Our Revolution North San Diego County and The Wagon Circle for a local meet and greet with three justice candidates that will be elected in the Primary on June 5, 2018: Matt Strabone, county recorder Dave Myers, county Sheriff and Genevieve Jones Wright , DA.

March 4

Mark Bartlett for City Council – D1 SUPER Walk

Sunday, March 4, 9am
Discovery Park – Rancho del Rey
For More Information (RSVP)
Hosted by Mark Bartlett for Chula Vista City Council – District 1

We are counting on you to come out and walk with us.

*Wear comfortable shoes and bring a hat with sunscreen. Light morning refreshments will be provided. Get your blood pumping as we walk the streets of district 1. If you can’t walk, but would still like to volunteer? No problem, bring your cellular phone and a phone bank lists will be available for you.

Remember this a grassroots campaign and we need all the help we can get. Knocking door to door is how we will get it done.

March 5

Join us at City Council to Save PQ Village!

Monday, March 5, 2pm
San Diego City Hall
202 West C Street
For More Information
Hosted by Save PQ Village

The San Diego City Council will convene to decide whether or not to approve the development over PQ village. This will be the FINAL meeting, the last step that will determine the fate of Save PQ Village.

Background: About 900 PQ residents will lose their homes as 332 units are replaced by expensive town homes and luxury apartments. San Diego County has been experiencing a crisis of homelessness and affordable housing since 2013. This is the worst time to lose affordable homes in our neighborhood. We believe our City Council and Community Planning Boards require an increase of affordable housing development – not a decrease. We are advocating for low to moderate affordable housing units and a balanced community.

Sanctuary Campus Protest

Monday, March 5 Noon
Hepner Hall _ SDSU
For More Information
Hosted by MEChA de SDSU

MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlan) de SDSU & allies are protesting Monday March 5th 12-1pm @ Hepner Hall to have San Diego State create a safe atmosphere by implementing itself as a SANCTUARY campus.

Being that we have students on campus who are undocumented and DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) recipients, we want to ensure that they feel safe on campus considering that the current presidential administration is seeking to phase out DACA on March 5th.

To ensure this, we are making our voices heard to be in solidarity with those who are silenced to make SDSU administration adopt policies that will protect our undocumented colleagues and friends.

Save the Date

The Enough Walkout is a 17-minute protest scheduled for March 14.

March for Our Lives involves March 24 protests in Washington DC and cities around the United States.

National Day of Action on April 20 to Protect Students Against Gun Violence

March For Science – April 14- San Diego, 2018

Call to Action if Trump Fires Mueller
5pm the Day It Happens & Thereafter
US District Court Southern District of California
330 West Broadway (Downtown)

Other Stuff to Do

Join the ACLU’s People Power: People Power is, at its core, a grassroots member-mobilization project. Through People Power, the ACLU will engage volunteers across the country to take action when Trump or his administration attempt to enact unconstitutional policies or trample on people’s constitutional rights. By mobilizing in defense of our civil liberties, volunteers will build local communities that affirm our American values of respect, equality, and solidarity.

Sign Up For SwingLeft: Control of the House in 2018 will be decided by a handful of Swing Districts, places where the last election was decided by a thin margin. Find your closest Swing District and join its team to learn about actionable opportunities to support progressives—and defeat Republicans—in that district, no matter where you live. Check out SwingLeft here.

Sign Up for Indivisible. All the cool kids are doing it. (Really!)

Run For Something: Learn more about running for office

San Diego Democratic Party Calendar Includes business meetings, chartered club meetings, voter registration events, election information, holidays, and other events of interest to Democrats.


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GJ February 23, 2018 at 8:34 pm

Republicans are very skilled using buzz word phrases such as: “liberal media,” “creating jobs,” “fake news, etc” when responding to criticisms. This is a branding strategy used at GOP political rallies to illicit a strong emotional response from Trump’s base (remember the rabid “lock her up” chants?).
The “liberal media” may benefit by creating buzz words too; such as:
“convervative noise machine,” “coroprate entiltilment,” to name a few.


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