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Avatar Cholly December 14, 2016 at 7:31 pm

Golly. We’re pretty flummoxed by the latest National news and the realization that most people just don’t care, and/or if they do, what avenues are open to any viable alternatives? Woke up this morning and was facebooked a video recently aired on NBC entitled “Tillerson history at Exxon one of…” which I watched and it made me feel like vomiting. This whole mess is just like watching Chamberlain slowly give pieces of Europe to Hitler. And looking forward to the roughly the same outcome. Thank God California has a Fourth, -and Fifth-, Estate with a bit of integrity and not just the usual toadies of Corporate America. I recently saw in the S. D. Union where the Port of San Diego is so well managed that they are having to back step a bit and clean up some indiscretions. Lay some people off. Well Thank You Frank. Haven’t a clue as to why they even have a planning committee. One associates San Diego with planners of the stature of Richard Requa, John Nolan, Albert Goodwill Spaulding, George Marston, Elisha Spurr Babcock & Hampton L. Story [Coronado], Lincoln Rodgers & Frank W. Stevenson [NTC & MCRD], Bertram Goodhue, [Balboa Park], &tc.; certainly not a bunch of pettyfogging clerks who are totally beholding to the well connected. Is this the same crowd who championed that the height limits to be compromised in Roseville. Have you biked around Roseville lately? I’ve recently seen 3 massive half-block-sized developments in what should be nice, well-planned neighborhoods. This is what one might think that Kenneth Grahame was writing about when he wrote Wind in the Willows. Well keep up the good work Frank, and thanks again for being here. A voice of sanity in a place gone berserk.


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