A Time for Resistance – Upcoming Trump Protests in San Diego and Across America

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A Calendar for Those Who Are Fired Up and Ready to Go – Includes Other Local Actions

time-to-resistBy Doug Porter

While mainstream politicians and institutions may be playing ‘wait and see,’ we at the OB Rag and the San Diego Free Press believe the rest of us have but one choice: resist.

On Fridays from now on, I’ll be dedicating this space to promoting activism in the Time of Trump. My sources will be social media listings, press releases, and you.

A bit of confusion in the coming months is to be expected. Lots of people feel motivated to make their voices heard. In cases where there are competing but similar events or campaigns of the progressive persuasion, I’ll do my best to list everything.

No one event, demonstration, or political action will accomplish the task at hand, which is to resist the forces of reaction unleashed with the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States. Only a cacophony of protest about issues, not personalities will succeed.

It will take a huge coalition of people doing things on many different levels to oppose the coming wave of injustice. Resistance can and should cover a wide range of activities.

Don’t ask me to disrespect activities you may feel are beneath you. Don’t like it? Don’t participate.

In the meantime:

  1. Show up in your community.
  2. Make stopping Trump a regular habit.
  3. Take care of yourself and others.
International & Nationwide #Resist Events

oh-america-blindWe are not alone. Look at all the other people around the globe listed below who are fired up and ready to go.

The best resource for this type of information is lovealwaystrumpshate.org.

There are nearly three dozen demonstrations already scheduled for inauguration weekend (Jan 20-22). The biggie is The Women’s March on Washington. Over 100,000 people have already signed up to go.

(A note to San Diegans planning on making this trek. I lived in Washington DC through four inaugurations. The weather often really, really, sucks. The warmest temperature ever recorded at noon during an inauguration day is 55 degrees)


Image via Washington Post

Following are a few of the upcoming protests and events. Click on the name of the city for further information.

Friday November 18th: NYC, New York, Chapel Hill, NC, Miami, FL,, Buffalo, NY, New London, CT, Cleveland, OH, Cleveland, OH (city hall), Columbus, OH, Boston, MA, Gainesville, FL, West Palm Beach, FL, North Miami Beach, FL, Tampa, FL, Alpena, MI, Chicago, IL, Des Moines, IA, Jersey City, NJ, Salt Lake City, UT, Norfolk, VA, Lincoln, NE, Fullerton, CA, Sacramento, CA, Costa Mesa, CA, Ann Arbor, MI, Wyandotte, MI, Hamtramck, MI, Alpena, MI, Grand Rapids, MI, New Orleans, LA, Hamilton, Ontario, Holyoke, MA, Harrisburg, PA, London, United Kingdom

Saturday, November 19th: Chicago, Illinois, Cincinnati, OH, Oberlin, OH, Tacoma, WA, Wilton Manor, FL, San Diego, CA, Simi Valley, CA, San Francisco, CA (united nations plaza), San Francisco, CA, Pittsburgh, PA, Philadelphia, PA (organization, meeting), Philadelphia, PA (Jefferson Station), Philadelphia, PA (Municipal Bldg), Chattanooga, TN, Christchurch, New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand, Washington DC, Plattsburgh, NY (Trinity Park), Plattsburgh, NY, NYC, NY (Union Square Park), NYC, NY (Washington Square Park), NYC, NY (Queens Plaza), Brooklyn, NY, St. Louis, MO, Trenton, MO, Toronto, Canada, Seattle, WA, Albany, NY, Fresno, CA, Olympia, WA, Topeka, KS, Gainesville, FL, Long Beach, CA, Goshen, IN, Knoxville, TN, Rutherfordton, NC, Charlotte, NC, Sedona, Arizona, Akron, OH, Roanoke, VA, Daytona Beach, FL, Auburn, AL, Fremont, CA, Los Angeles, CA (11am), Los Angeles, CA (3pm), Walnut Creek, CA, Paris, France, Sydney, Australia

Sun November 20th: Atlantic City, NJ, Monterey, CA, San Rafael, CA, Lubbock, TX, Oklahoma City, OK, Melbourne, Australia, Wheat Ridge, CO, Gainesville, FL, Philadelphia, PA, Pittsburgh, PA, Milwaukee, WI, Las Vegas, NV, Las Vegas, NY (Trump Tower), Indianapolis, IN, East Lansing, MI, Ferndale, MI , Chicago, IL, Boston, MA, Charlotte, NC, NYC, NY, Springfield, MO

Progressive Calendar for San Diego November 18-30

Anti-Trump Events

ob anti-Trump rally Trump ProtestsOB Sez No to Trump
Saturday, November 19, Noon
End of Newport Ave, Ocean Beach
Organized by OB Rag & OB Green Store
For More Information

As OB voted overwhelmingly against Trump, organizers hope to see some fellow OBceans on Saturday. They want OB to join the wave of ‘No on Trump’ protests sweeping the country. The protest is being planned as a peaceful, non-violent exercise of the First Amendment rights, but demonstrators are expected to be vocal. Supporters are asked to bring signs, chants, noise-makers and lots of spirit.

MeetUp: Where Do We Go From Here?
Saturday, November 19, 8:45pm
Hyatt Regency Mission Bay
Palm Room #2
Organized by Progressive Caucus, CA Democratic Party
For More Information

Discussing this with us will be two former ranking members of the Bernie campaign, Nina Turner, now of “Our Revolution” and Alexandra Rojas of “Brand New Congress.”

Also on the agenda will be a report from the California Election Integrity Coalition’s conference on “Take Back the Vote” with Jim Soper and Mimi Kennedy.

Voices Rally
Sunday, November 20, Noon
Harvey Milk Street
Organized by Our Revolution
For More Information

Now is the time for San Diegans to VOICE their hopes, fears, solutions and strategies about a Trump Presidency, bringing together the vital organizing already happening in San Diego. This is a forum to validate all views, speak from the heart, listen with an open heart and then march together in peaceful protest. At 2pm we will all MARCH TOGETHER in solidarity and peace.

Organizing Progressives in the Age of Trump
Monday, November 22, 7pm
Joyce Beers Community Center
3900 Vermont Street (Hillcrest)
Organized by Activist San Diego
For More Information

This is an open invitation to all Progressive organizations and individuals to unite.

We call on lefties and progressives, democrats and civil rights activists to get together on Monday, Nov. 21 to discuss our collective response to the selection of Donald Trump as commander and Chief/Thief.

We need to prepare for heightened public activity for the onslaught of changes that the Trump Administration and the Congress would like to impose. The majority of the American people must not be silent. 47% is not a mandate. We must not stand still as women’s rights, immigration rights and civil liberties are eroded and replaced by militarism, economic inequality, racial inequality, bigotry and climate catastrophe. We must rise to the occasion and be organized against the New Confederacy that has taken over the reins of government and threatens the progressive progress of the last century. We need action and a new progressive coalition!

If your organization would like to have a table or be on the speaker’s panel, please contact 619 871-9354. Plenty of time for participation from the floor.

Demonstration at Trump Racketeering Trial
Monday, November 28, 9am
US Federal Courthouse
221 West Broadway
Hosted by John Thurston
For More Information

NOTE: Trump’s lawyers are trying to get the trial postponed (Or reach a settlement). Check the link before heading out.

Donald Trump goes on trial November 28 in a Civil Class Action Suit under the RICO Act alleging racketeering practices for defrauding Trump University students.

It is imperative that a massive gathering of Americans show up and watch these proceedings and their outcome very closely.

Trump could be ruled against, forced to pay huge penalties, and also posibly be subject to related criminal charges that could lead to impeachment for those crimes should the Electoral College elect him President on Dec. 18, and should he be sworn in as President on Jan. 20.

Important Rallies, Demonstrations, and Events

emi-standingrock-detSan Diego Stands with Standing Rock Fundraiser
Saturday, November 19
9928 Protea Gardens Rd, Escondido
Organized by Standing with Standing Rock
For More Information

Oil pipelines, resource extraction, and climate change affect us all. Right now, Standing Rock is at the frontlines of these issues, and they are leading the way in fighting back, for all of us. Indigenous organizers are drawing from their roots to show us another way of resisting dirty industry and corporate greed, a way that is not rooted in the non-profit industrial complex, but in the grassroots, in prayer, in intersectionality, and in a dream for a better world. All people of conscience must support the water and land defenders at Standing Rock, by organizing in their own communities and raising funds for the front line. All of the donations and honorariums that we receive from this event will go directly to those on the ground at Standing Rock, to help them fortify for the winter and continue the work into the future.

Join Terra Madre, Soul of Yoga, YogaBound, United in Song for Standing Rock, San Diego, as we co-facilitate this fundraiser, gathering, and workshop to not only support, but to send prayers, to the ongoing water and land defenders at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota and bring awareness to ways that we can protect Mother Earth here at home. https://www.gofundme.com/StandingWithStandingRock

Sharp Nurses on Strike
Three Days, Starting November 28
Various Sharp Healthcare Locations
For More Information



Sharp HealthCare’s registered nurses this morning sent management a ten-day notice of intent to strike beginning the Monday after Thanksgiving, November 28. The strike comes in response to Sharp’s repeated violations of federal labor law and refusal to address patient care problems caused by an escalating crisis in nurse turnover.

Earlier this month the members of Sharp Professional Nurses Network (SPNN) overwhelmingly voted to reject management’s so-called “last, best and final offer” and authorize an unfair labor practice strike. SPNN represents almost 5,000 registered nurses at Sharp, the largest health care system—providing more than one-third of health care services—in San Diego County, the second largest county in the state. This will be the largest strike of registered nurses in California this year, and the second largest strike of any kind in the nation (behind the Communication Workers of America strike).

The nurses maintain that management’s declaration of impasse and unilateral implementation of its final proposal, announced on October 28, were illegal, in part because the parties were still bargaining and each session saw movement from one or both sides. The nurses have filed unfair labor practice charges (ULPs) with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) over the violations. Other ULP charges filed include unlawful surveillance, threats and interrogation against the nurses by management.

Justice Can’t Wait Rally & March
Tuesday, November 29, 5pm
Federal Building
800 Front Street, San Diego
Organized by Students Against Mass Incarceration-UCSD
Interfaith Center for Worker Justice
Fight for Fifteen
For More Information

JUSTICE CAN’T WAIT Rally and March for criminal justice reform, justice for immigrants, housing for all, environmental justice, and union rights.

Transparency Matters
Wednesday, November 30, 1pm
San Diego City Hall
202 West C Street
Organized by ACLU of San Diego & Imperial Counties
For More Information

aclu-joinAt last month’s Public Safety & Livable Neighborhoods committee hearing, scores of people heard what we all knew to be true:

The San Diego Police Department treats drivers differently based on race.

While we were promised the report on traffic stop cards was to be released at the October meeting, the Mayor’s office only released a snapshot of the report to the community. This is not full transparency.

Transparency matters in building community trust. Come join us at the next PS&LN meeting on November 30, 2016 where they are scheduled to release the FULL report.

On This Day: 1865 – Samuel L. Clemens published “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” under the pen name “Mark Twain” in the New York “Saturday Press.” 1928 – The first successful sound-synchronized animated cartoon premiered in New York. It was Walt Disney’s “Steamboat Willie,” starring Mickey Mouse. 1995 – The Rolling Stones become the first act to broadcast a major concert on the Internet.

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