America’s Finest City Preparing for a Visit from Donald Trump

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Presumptive Republican Nominee May Descend on San Diego on Sunday, May 8th

By Doug Porter

Officials in San Diego are preparing for an as yet unannounced visit on Sunday, May 8th by presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, according to a report broadcast on 10News Tuesday night.

This column at the San Diego Free Press – the OB Rag’s sister online journal – will function as a live blog, constantly updated throughout the week. We’ll report on official preparations, plans by local activist groups and media coverage as it happens. The most current news will be posted at the top of the page as often as needed. Please feel free to add your comments at the bottom of the piece.

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9:30 – Now, reality:

9:15 Gov John Kasich dropping out of GOP race today

From Politico:

John Kasich is dropping his presidential bid, according to a senior campaign adviser, one day after Donald Trump became the presumptive nominee and Ted Cruz bowed out of the race.

The Ohio governor had long ago been mathematically eliminated from clinching the GOP nomination outright but had hoped to emerge as a consensus candidate at a contested convention.

8:30 amThe Stop Trump – San Diego Facebook page is up.

trump hate bannerGet ready! There is a high probability that trump will be rallying in san diego this Sunday, mother’s day! Spread the word, share this page, as soon as a link for tickets comes up, we will post it, we need as many people inside the rally as possible,! Share this page out to all your networks!

8:10 am– From the 10News Report

Cops Ready Mobile Field Force

The presumptive Republican Presidential nominee is scheduled to hold a rally here on Mother’s Day. The exact time and location is still being planned. As we’ve seen in city after city, where Trump goes, drama follows.

Several sources told 10News that San Diego Police are preparing for all kinds of scenarios to prevent violent protests.

Every division has been directed to provide additional officers for the event.

This includes detectives and a team called the Mobile Field Force. This trained platoon of officers in riot gear is rarely used. We’re told the last time the department deployed this team was in 1996, for the Republican National Convention held in San Diego.

8 am-Our official position on Trump’s visit:

We Will Show Trump the Beautiful Door to Get-The-Hell-Out-Of-San-Diego

trump san diego thumbnailBy San Diego Free Press and OB Rag Editors

We anticipate that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will visit San Diego during the California presidential primary campaign.

We at the San Diego Free Press and OB Rag will join with other San Diegans during his campaign stops in our city in expressing our adamant opposition to the racist, xenophobic and misogynist policies espoused by Trump.

And we join in solidarity with those whom Trump has targeted:

  • Mexicans
  • Muslims
  • Women
  • Journalists
  • Protesters
  • LGBTQ community

We believe Trump’s policies are a direct and dangerous threat to what’s left of American democracy. Those of us who believe Trump represents a potential type of American fascism believe that if he is able to assume the mantle of government it will be too late for opponents to express dissent and too late for American freedom.

Upon Trump’s arrival in San Diego, we want to join with others protesting his policies and we will support any and all of those who express their opposition through various forms of non-violent and civil-disobedient direct actions.

These are dangerous and desperate times. The future of American democracy is at stake. Our own future and the future of our children are at stake.

There is no more higher calling now than for San Diegans of every political stripe to show our strong opposition to Donald Trump with actions of conscience.

Please send information about your direct action plans to

The Editors of the San Diego Free Press and OB Rag: Brent Beltrán * Anna Daniels * Frank Gormlie * Patty Jones * Rich Kacmar * Annie Lane * Doug Porter * Barbara Zaragoza

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Frank Gormlie May 5, 2016 at 10:23 am

5pm on Wed: 10 News is reporting Trump’s trip has been postponed, for now.


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