San Diego’s Earth Fair 2016: All in for the Environment

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Hey! That's SDFP Editor Doug Porter with a message

Hey! That’s SDFP Editor Doug Porter with a message

Sunday, April 17th. EarthFair Day.

Having heard all the warnings about trying to drive to Earth Fair–not to mention the irony–, I took the bus.

The Number 7 bus was a half hour late and it dropped me on the corner of Park & University. It wasn’t going anywhere near that mess in Balboa Park. Eventually, the Balboa Park “shuttle” appeared. After quibbling with the driver when he asked for another fare, we sped three blocks south only to get in line. Hurry up and wait.

Traffic was held up at Roosevelt Junior High by the police so the people who drove could turn left across traffic towards parking lots. Even on Earth Day, it’s cars first in San Diego. #CarsRule #Pedestrians&BusRidersDrool.

After a mere 75 minutes, I was deposited at my destination. I could have walked from Noth Park… …been having a little trouble with the after effects of my cancer surgery lately, and I was trying to buy some extra time in the park.

EarthFair was worth the journey, if for no other reason than to see all these activist types in one place: GreenPeace, SD350, Sierra Club, Environmental Democrats, Vets for Peace, CoastKeeper, Climate Mobilization and a dozen more that I forgot to write down were all there. Everywhere you looked there were Bernie supporters.

And then there were the haters. A Sister of Perpetual Indulgence stood, parasol in hand, warning people, directing traffic. “Intolerant bigots this way. Families with children that way.” I don’t know if they were the real deal–as in Westboro Baptist Church–and I didn’t bother to stop and ask.

There were petitions to sign, voter registration forms to be filled out, performances to watch, and what I presume was healthy food being sold. The folks from the Citizens Plan were gathering signatures. You could sign for an additional two buck tax on cigarettes and against corporate greed.

Purists will no doubt be unhappy to hear that there were numerous representatives from corporate America, singing their siren songs about how Green they’ll be if you’ll only spend a few bucks with them.

I saw about 10% of the fair during my 90-minute visit. I’m sure I missed some great stuff. Even without an EarthFair, Balboa Park is a swell place to hang out on a Sunday afternoon.

Please go to the original post at SDFP for the photos.

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