The Absolute Last Minute Voter Cheat Sheet for San Diego Progressives

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VOTE NOW plsBy Doug Porter

Okay, so I know the deal. You’ve been putting off doing your election homework and now you’re getting nervous because you have no clue about many of the contests on the ballot.

Don’t even think about not voting on Tuesday June 3rd. Here’s your one-stop shop for better candidates and issues on the left side of the aisle.

I’m going to skip over minor candidates for space reasons and Republicans because I’m mean that way. Plus there were a few races we just never got around to covering. Many of these contests were explained in more detail in our five part series, along with some features on issues and candidates; you can find them by going here.

There are some races where you’ll still have to choose between several generally lefty candidates. And there are some contests where we have no suggestion at all.

Included in this guide will be links to the candidate websites and a quick and easy method for identifying endorsements: ? = party endorsement ? = labor endorsement ? = Dems for Equality endorsement ? = SDFP Endorsement.


(Pro Tip: Vote Yes on All)

City of San Diego Proposition A ?
City of San Diego Elections Charter Amendment, Measure A,_Measure_A_(June_2014)

City of San Diego Propositions B&C ???
Referendum of Resolution on Barrio Logan Community Plan Update

State of California Proposition 41 ?
California Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Bond Act,_Veterans_Housing_and_Homeless_Prevention_Bond_(2014)

State of California Proposition 42 ?
California Compliance of Local Agencies with Public Act,_Compliance_of_Local_Agencies_with_Public_Records_(2014)

Statewide Offices


Jerry Brown Incumbent, Democrat ? ??

Luis Rodriguez Author/Community, Green Party ?

Cindy Sheehan Anti-War Activist, Peace and Freedom (Yes, she’s That Cindy Sheehan)

Lt. Governor

Gavin Newsom Incumbent, Democrat ? ? ?

Attorney General

Kamala Harris Incumbent, Democrat ? ? ?


John Chiang California Controller, Democrat ? ??

Ellen Brown Attorney/ Public Banking Author, Green Party ?

Secretary of State

Alex Padilla State Senator, Democrat ? ? ?

Derek Cressman, Voting Rights Advocate, Democrat

Insurance Commissioner

Dave Jones Incumbent, Democrat ? ? ?

State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Tom Torlakson Incumbent, Democrat ? ? ?


John A Perez State Assemblyman, Democrat ? ? ?

Betty Yee California State Board of Equalization, Democrat

US House of Representatives

District 49

Dave Peiser Businessman, Democrat ? ? ?

District 50

James Kimber Physician Assistant, Democrat ? ? ?

District 51

Juan Vargas Incumbent, Democrat ? ? ?

District 52

Scott Peters Incumbent, Democrat ? ? ? ?

District 53

Susan Davis Incumbent, Democrat ? ?

State Assembly

District 77

Ruben “RJ” Hernandez Businessman, Democrat ?

District 78

Toni Atkins Incumbent, Democrat ? ? ? ?

District 79

Shirley Weber Incumbent, Democrat ? ? ? ?

District 80

Lorena Gonzalez Incumbent, Democrat ? ? ??

State Senate

District 38

Frank Tsimboukakis Real Estate Investor, Democrat ?

District 40
Ben Hueso Incumbent, Democrat ? ? ?
No Web Site

San Diego City Council

District 2

Sarah Boot Attorney, Democrat ? ? ? ?

District 4

Myrtle Cole Incumbent, Democrat ? ? ? ?

District 6

Carol Kim Educator, Democrat ? ? ? ?

District 8

David Alvarez Incumbent, Democrat ? ? ? ?

San Diego County

District Attorney

Bob Brewer Attorney, Independent ?

Superior Court Judge, Seat # 20

Carla Keehn Assistant US Attorney ? ? ?

County Assessor/Recorder/ Clerk

Susan Guinn Consumer advocate attorney, Democrat ? ? ?

San Diego Community College

District A

Maria-Nieto-Senour ?? ?

District C

Rich Grosch ?? ?

District E

Peter Zschiesche ?? ?

San Diego Unified School District

District B

Kevin Beiser ? ? ?

District C

Michael McQuarry ?? ?


This is from the San Diego Free Press. The OB Rag and the SD Free Press are online media partners.

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Aging Hippie May 31, 2014 at 7:10 pm

Have to disagree about Prop A. We need to shorten, not extend, the length of time that unelected officials can occupy an elected office. If Todd Gloria’s rampage doesn’t demonstrate that, what would?


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