New Mayoral Vote Count Decreases Faulconer’s Percent Over Alvarez

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Click Here for Alvarez vs Faulconer Runoff Election Coverage!By Doug Porter / San Diego Free Press

A New and Interesting New Mayoral Vote Count

The County Registrar of Voters released a follow up (although not final) report on Friday, showing the mayoral contest between city council members Kevin Faulconer and David Alvarez to be closer than originally announced. Faulconer’s win was apparently by six percentage points instead of the widely reported eight points(52.89% vs 47.11%).

Faulconer’s triumph can be attributed to a huge lead in early absentee ballots (56.64% vs 43.36%). Election day vote totals were very close, with the mayor-elect just edging out Alvarez (50.36% vs 49.64%). And in the later absentee ballots Alvarez actually won by more than 15 points ( 57.84% vs 42.16%). Those late ballots, unfortunately for Alvarez, accounted for only 38, 405 out of the 290, 179 votes cast.


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