San Diego’s Special Mayoral Election: Meet the Candidates – Part 2

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Six Candidates You May Not Be Familiar With

Special ElectionBy Doug Porter (Part 1 can be accessed here)

Last Friday, we took a look at a bunch of things we know about the five Big Name candidates. (Editor’s Note: since then Bruce Coons has withdrawn and has thrown his support behind David Alvarez.)

Today we’re looking at the Rest of the Pack: six men with a variety of reasons for wanting the job of mayor that you might not ever have heard about.

The following are introductions to the candidates and are mostly in their own words. The wording and formatting of the candidates’ statements are taken directly from the City Clerk. This isn’t such a big deal with the major candidates, but as you’ll see, some of the minor candidates struggled with it.

The biographies come from the candidate’s websites. And included are links (I think) will be useful in giving insight as to what these guys are all about.

The partner publication of the OB Rag, the San Diego Free Press, will be sending out a rather unique questionnaire to all the candidates including what we are hope are inquiries about local issues that aren’t going to be asked in the legacy media.  A couple of weeks down the road we’ll start publishing the candidate’s responses.

So, come on inside and take a look …

Hud Collins (Site is down; link leads to Google cached view)
Mailing address:
5694 Mission Cir Rd #445, San Diego CA 92108

screen capture c/o KPBS

screen capture c/o KPBS

Candidate Statement:

Solving the financial/pension crisis, and restoring San Diego as America’s Finest City is matched by qualifications, education, experience, leadership, innovation and enthusiasm! Have full plan to solve financial and pension; fund all maintenance, repairs, sewer, etc.; raise city services; develop entire city; expedite veterans’ claims and crisis; address homelessness; proper finance for Convention Center, City Hall, Chargers Stadium; plan will immediately free up at least $200 million a year. 40 years Army combat officer- 2 wars, 3 medals for valor; five highest security clearances. Taught CINCUSAREUR alert system; in charge of missile security for NATO; advisor to South Vietnamese Government, Phoenix Program. Trial Attorney- 30 admitted jurisdictions (Supreme Court); expert criminal, civil litigation. 5 degrees (equivalent), U.S. Command & General Staff College, law, advertising, criminal justice, business administration-student president. Extensive policy, budgets, tactics, planning. 5 yrs. Grand Jury. 7 years attended City Council meetings (watch dog)-know all major issues! Always thinks outside the box.

Statement from cached website:

If anyone can keep San Diego’s City Council focused on the important issues, Hud Collins can. He has been a thorn in the side of the City Council for many years. In frequent attendance at Council meetings, Hud has long been quick to point out the errors of their ways, giving valuable advice along the way. As Mayor he will lead the Council and City Hall to the greatness deserving of America’s Finest City.

Rising to the rank of Major in his highly decorated military career, Hud Collins knows how to lead San Diego’s City Hall to get down to the business of running the business of the city. As Mayor, Hud will be focused on the important issues: reducing homelessness, increasing employment, improving neighborhoods, and attracting business and industry to the City. San Diego needs the leadership of Hud Collins in City Hall.

NBC 7/ Gene Cubbison video/story mentioning Hud Collins:

Harry Dirks

No website available ( is listed with City Clerk but has no content)
Mailing address: 5666 La Jolla Blvd Suite 330, La JollaCA92037

Credit: La Jolla Light

Credit: La Jolla Light

Candidate Statement:

San Diego resident since January 1985. Native Californian, since 1945.

Business Administrator with 35 years of experience as CEO/COO/CFO.
Presently Sole Owner of two companies.

Past Executive Director of the Morena Business Improvement District (BID) 1999-2000

California State issued K-12 Teaching Credential 1975
CSU, Long Beach, CA Graduate Program (M.A.) 1973
CSU, Long Beach, CA (B.A.) 1970-1972
Long Beach Community College (A.A.) 1969-1970
US Naval Air: Viet Nam Era Veteran 1965-1969

The position of Mayor should be as THE Administrator for City affairs, without a political agenda commonly associated with the position.
Having been in Business Management and Administration for 3 decades, my past and present business experience will serve the community, as Mayor, with competent leadership qualities.
Public service is the real goal in running for Mayor! Being responsible and trustworthy, while in Public Service, will be synonimous with my past performance in private business.
My agenda will be Administrative and Fiscal Responsibility coupled with rational and competent decisions that make sense for administering the City’s highest office.
Your vote for me is a vote for Administrative and Fiscal competence.

Michael A Kemmer

Michael-KemmerCandidate Statement:

Your only choice for a SUSTAINable San Diego


San Diegans United for Sustainable Technology and Innovation Now

Michael Kemmer is an experienced professional with train provided by four different Fortune 500 companies who can bring his business acumen to city government. Creativity from a San Diego State Aztec is what is needed because San Diego is facing a crisis of unsustainability in the near future. Each year we educate thousands of students, yet we fail to benefit from their entrepreneurial enthusiasm because of a lack of a diversified economy. Yet there is a solution: revolutionizing city government to better reflect innovation, technology, and transparency which will reverse this trend.

San Diego is the finest City in America and my plan will keep it that way for the FUTURE! BOOM BABY!”

Priorities as mayor are the following:

  • Competitiveness -Streamline business process
  • Transparency -The citizens should have access to all city data, except confidential nature
  • Innovation-Bring to San Diego the nest technology practices that have been implemented elsewhere.
  • Resourcefulness-Within the first 30 days convene a blue-ribbon panel to offer suggestions on improving city operations

…Old deeds for old people, and new deeds for new.

Facebook page:

Daily Aztec article:

UT-TV interview:

Sina “Simon” Moghadam

SimonCandidate Statement:

Fiscal conservative, social liberal, and intellectual independent

I come from simple roots with a strong ethical resolve. I believe we should look to our past to see what has worked and been successful and not trip over the future with these same problems. I would create a quality team to build a better San Diego. I am a small business owner that matured the tools, talent, dedication, and energy to get things done correctly. My style is to pro-act to solve situations and do so with all having input. Reacting wastes time and the people of San Diego suffer. I make decisions based on the facts and not what certain groups think or what the polls/politics say. Our infrastructure needs attentionas does our city work force. My approach is to get it done and do it right the first time. I am not affiliated with any groups, special interest, or other like entities. I will leverage from my life and work experiences while living in San Diego and help bring business and smart growth to our city.

Facebook page:

Other Notable Fact: Simon Moghadam is the owner of the Greek Corner Cafe.

Tobiah L. Pettus

Tobiah PettusCandidate Statement:

Restoring our Economy

1. Eliminate waste from budget
2. Restore first impressions of America’s FinestCity

  • A. Repair roads
  • B. Remove litter
  • C. Re-create opportunities for homeless individuals
  • D. Replace outdated city equipment

3. Fast and affordable Building Permits

  • A. Rapidly rebuild San Diego
  • B. Open to business growth and expansion

4. Maintain our military economic sector
5. Accelerate our High Tech economic sector
6. Fuel international trade
7. Increased economy through tourism

Tobiah’s vision for America’s Finest City is a city without people living on the streets, where the roads are good, and where there is no litter to be seen. Making this vision for America’s Finest City a reality and making it easier for businesses to expand and prosper, will lead us towards economic recovery. San Diego is our city. Together, we will restore America’s Finest City.


  • Tierrasanta Community Council Director
  • COA (HOA) Board member
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Vice President of Business Development
  • Superintendent

Education and Family

  • B.A. – Biology/Chemistry
  • GraduateSchool
  • Wife – Holly (SDUSD Teacher)
  • Son – Josiah (16 months)

Tobiah Pettus unsuccessfully ran for mayor in 2012.

Article from 2012 Mayoral election:

Article from 2012 Mayoral election:

Article from 2012 Mayoral election:

Lincoln Pickard

lincolnpickardCandidate Statement:

Memberships, Attitudes and Past Activities

  • 50 years: BPO Elk: Currently San Diego Lodge 168
  • San Diego Press Club
  • Eagle Forum
  • i-Caucus
  • Christmas on the Prado
  • NRA Life Member / Benefactor /Golden Eagle
  • VolunteerRange Safety Officer: Lemon Grove Rod and Gun Club (Past Sergeant at Arms) SouthBay Rod and Gun Club
  • Past President Otay Mesa Nestor Community Planning Group : 92154
  • Former member and secretary of San Diego County Wildlife Federation
  • Radio Television Digital News Association
  • I have a dream. Character not skin color.
  • NRA Women on Target: Clinic Director and Staff member
  • San Diego Rifle and Revolver Association
  • Asian Business Association
  • U.S. Gun Club, President
  • Legalize Doctor prescribed marijuana
  • I play Texas Holdem
  • No stoplight cameras
  • Open Mic organizer
  • Life member California Rifle and Pistol Association

Goals as mayor:

  • Lower tax rates
  • Less regulations
  • Repair city infrastructure
  • Allow hard working people with a dream spend more time fighting for their dream and less time complying with government requirements. Big dreamers hire employees and create jobs.

To lower murder rates and make neighborhoods safer, I will instruct LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT to issue CCW’s to qualified law abiding citizens who request one.

Facebook page:

What it means to be an American by Lincoln Pickard:

TeaPartyCommandCenter profile:

Lincoln Pickard is a member of the Chula Vista Tea Party & the South by South West CA Republican Club.

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