The NRA Targets the San Diego Zoo and Environmental Groups for Opposing Lead Ammo Use by Hunters

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By Doug Porter

The National Rifle Association is continually expanding its activities on many different fronts, and the newest of these campaigns, HuntForTruth.Org, has listed the San Diego Zoo as one of the non-governmental organizations it plans to “expose.”

Joining the Zoo as targets of this group are the Peregrine Fund, the Ventana Wildlife Society, the California Condor Recovery Team, the Raptor Education Group, the Center for Biological Diversity, and the Natural Resources Defense Council. All have urged the Environmental Protection Agency to ban hunters from using lead ammunition because of its effects on eagles, condors, swans and other birds.

The NRA announced this campaign via a press release recently, touting it as a means “to educate and assist lawmakers, regulators, hunters, recreational shooters and the general public about the efforts to ban lead ammunition nationwide”.

Self-proclaimed environmental organizations are pushing to prohibit the use of traditional lead ammunition in hunting and recreational shooting. These radical groups are now going so far as to claim that eating wild game taken with lead ammunition is a serious health risk to hunters and their families.

Legislation under consideration here in California (AB 711) would prohibit the use of all lead ammunition for hunting, and the NRA’s new program seems to have been created in response to its likely passage.

The National Park Service says that “lead poisoning is the biggest threat facing the successful recovery of the California condor.” The NRA says that anti-lead legislation is just one step along the slippery slope that will lead to a ban on all hunting and, eventually, all guns.

This is an excerpt from Doug Porter’s daily column at San Diego Free Press.

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Bill August 20, 2013 at 1:20 pm

“The NRA Targets”

Nice headline. It’s not as if you are trying to keep your bias out of the headline.


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