San Diego’s 10News & the GOP Scum That Feeds Them

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ABC Chan 10 logoEditor: We realize that by now this is old news, especially in light of a probable deal involving Mayor Filner’s resignation, but if you haven’t heard about this, it’s worth sharing.

By Doug Porter

GOP Asshole

Facebook Post (Since deleted)

Nobody likes to hear bad news about people important in their lives. Lately a lot of folks have been piling on KPBS for its role in bringing accusers in the Mayor Filner harassment scandal to the forefront. But if you want to see some really mean coverage designed to denigrate, you need to move down the channel listings a bit.

Our local ABC affiliate, KGTVs 10News has sunk to a new low. They’ve published embarrassing photographs of a woman purported to be Mayor Filner’s press secretary taken at her bachelorette party last weekend in Las Vegas.

Reporter Itica Milanes tapped John Dadian, Republican political consultant to say church lady type things so the story had an air of authenticity. (An earlier version of the story incorrectly said Dadian had worked for Carl DeMaio)

Not long after the “story” was published an alert viewer captured a screenshot (since deleted) off Facebook posted by Derek Wixon bragging about how the young woman in the photo was coerced by a GOP dirty trickster into posing for the photo.

In case you had any doubt about the bias of the local news media and KGTV in particular, theis should resolve any doubts. Despite being told they were being gamed by a political operative, they’ve left the story up.

I strongly urge you to contact KGTV’s General Manager [] or News Director [] or directly via their web page at to let them you don’t support GOP dirty tricks posing as news.

UPDATE: The San Diego GOP’s “Private Investigator” Derrick Roach has chimed in on the comments on the story at channel 10, trying to keep the narrative on track for his bosses. Many people think it’s none of 10’s business what a young woman does in Las Vegas on a weekend. But not the very appropriately named Mr Roach:

This shows a lack of character and good judgment on the part of Lewis. It also reflects poorly on the City of San Diego and her boss, Mayor Filner. Imagine if she worked for Disney or the Boy Scouts or any other organization that has a high public profile or works with kids. She would be reprimanded if not fired. And who approved her time off from work while the city is in crisis and Rome is burning? She should be doing the job that taxpayers are paying her to do and answering questions since the mayor is MIA. Poor judgment all around.

 Originally posted at San Diego Free Press.

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Frances O'Neill Zimmerman August 23, 2013 at 12:34 am

See Readerwriter Matt Potter’s story today about ABC Channel 10 news’ racist and sexist treatment of former news staffer Lisa Lake, an African-American newscaster who, several years ago, filed a sexual harassment suit against associate news director Sean Kennedy.
Today Sean Kennedy remains associate news director at ABC Channel 10, participating in the media furor against Mayor Filner and Lisa Lake is history.


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