Mayor Filner at His First “Open-House” Hears About Gopher Holes at Robb Field in Ocean Beach

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city hallYou can bet Mayor Bob Filner now knows about the gopher holes in Robb Field’s soccer field.

At his very first “open-house” session that Mayor Filner held last Saturday, Feb. 2nd, he heard about the holes from a group of kids who play soccer and their parents at Robb Field.   Filner’s office will hold these open house sessions the first Saturday of every month.

Maya Freedman told the new mayor about the gopher holes. Later, she told local media:

 “There are gopher holes. There’s just so many over there. They keep going down into the ground. They just make holes that people could trip in.”

A teammate of Maya’s did just that – trip on one of the holes and break her leg.  So, Maya went to Filner’s newly open-to- the-public sessions at city hall with her teammate and her dad to explain to him the problems.  David Freedman, Maya’s dad, said:

 “We’re trying to get the mayor and parks and (recreation) to pay attention and devote appropriate resources and expertise to solve the problem.”

Mayor Filner also told the media:

  “You have human problems. Someone’s business is about to be closed on, their whole life and yet, it’s going through code enforcement and the city attorney and people don’t know how to deal with that.  It gets me around the bureaucracy.I don’t have to have it filtered.”

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paul estrada February 4, 2013 at 11:38 am

When they use that machine that sounds like a shotgun in the fields it makes all the gophers run to the surrounding houses around Robb Field. My place on West Point Loma is now covered in gopher holes


Jeffeck February 4, 2013 at 9:01 pm

Could do the same for Dusty Rhodes as well. We are rife with gophers over here too!


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