The Green Store of Ocean Beach: Solar 101, DVD’s, Lending Library and more!

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So, we’ve been hanging out at the OB RAG  “desk” the past month or so, and it’s been a blast to take up residence at The Green Store of Ocean Beach. The co-founder, Colleen Dietzel, is on-hand with a wealth of knowledge, able to discuss at length most anything in the store, as well as the scene around town. What she isn’t familiar with, Colleen will readily admit without failure, yet, somehow all the while she’ll be steering you directly to a shelf or publication or DVD which will arouse your curiosity, and further your search for knowledge and resources available in Ocean Beach. She really is quite amazing!

Greeting everyone with kindness, The Green Store provides current publications and a vast archive of environmental, social justice and information on peace and activist movements around town, and around the globe!

Public and Private Space are Available

Public space is available to rent for office work and special events, and several workshops are being planned to introduce OBceans to a wide array of relevant, hot-topics of the day. Better yet, schedule your own workshop and share your talents and knowledge with others. After all, the hope and opportunity for building community and strengthening our OB-family bonds are primary missions at The Green Store – for more than 23 years.

The Green Store relies upon donations to make up a portion of the monthly rent. To further help towards making up the difference, Colleen has a small retail. Local t-shirt designs, art and jewelry which is only a fraction of the entire store contents. The bulk of Green Store shelves are devoted to “free information”.

But “free” in this case does not translate as invaluable.

TGS is a well designed reference library and community resource system for expanding awareness, consciousness and intellect. Of course, the notion of “free” often fails to translate into a business model, in terms of the “status quo” business model, i.e. The big ugly “C” word.

All the more reason to tout the perseverance when, after 23 years, only once at the beginning did The Green Store “make a profit”, as Colleen has explained. Not surprising, as monetary wealth, greed and corruption are wholly denied any life support within one of the most loving hearts on the planet.

For further context,TGS is about action, establishing in OB both a conduit and a point of intersection where people are able to meet, and neurons are surely to fire when powerful new connections are established and grown. A learning space and working environment where people can come together, taking action and learning to apply new connections and knowledge within our diverse community.

  What’s so “Green” about The Green Store?

At the grass-root of it all, The Green Store is where we gather to learn and share as we become good stewards of our common planet. After all, as Colleen seems fond quoting Gilliam’s “Brazil” and reminding us, “We’re all in this together!”

The Green Store has never prayed to be filled with the holy dollar. More like the holy spirit, if you believe, as myself, we are spiritually connected and physically bound to God’s green earth. Again, for myself the whole movement is connected by a life force energy. At the grass-root of it all, The Green Store is where we gather to learn how to become good stewards of the planet.

Also available for purchase are an eyebrow raising collection of bumper stickers. You know, the intriguing and in-your-face commentaries which can only be amusing in context to our life on the blue planet, like “What’s our oil doing under their soil?”

So, if you’re looking for that thought provoking, one-liner that’ll guarantee a few mutual laughs while you’re cruising along one of SoCal’s major roads and highways, be sure to stop by The Green Store.

Among the DVD’s available is the hard-hitting “Syriana” with George Clooney as a field agent for CIA, and Matt Damon as an expert in derivatives markets, which is a fancy way of saying “Oil”. This is a serious drama about how the U.S. infiltrates hostile territories while conducting “business as usual” in the Middle East. With strong portrayals and performances by an outstanding cast, you can borrow the Syriana DVD from The Green Store, or take your pick from a bunch of others.

All in all, the DVD library represents progressive, that is, intelligent, truthful and no-holds barred content which will make you want to “Kill your TV”, or at least, will have you looking at main-stream media with that “WTF?” expression each time some gasbag goes on some whiny rant!

Of the many different sections and categories to find information and resources, the “OB” section contains relevant local and regional newspaper and magazine clippings and articles, a compilation spanning decades. If you want to learn more about OB’s origins and the backstory surrounding Native Americans, land usage and how our little town evolved, then you gotta’ make your FIRST stop at The Green Store. While the OB Historical Society and our historical landmark, the Ocean Beach Library, are likely places for furthering your education of the OB landscape, only The Green Store is focused on the “funky” in our funky town, OB.

Some intriguing sections include categories based upon Communities and Carbusters, or magazines like Solar Today and Mother Earth News. Of course there is a shelf dedicated to Ocean Beach, and scores of other publications, with insightful titles like Next American City, BackHome, Home Power and Herbal Gram. Rows of books line the shelves inviting you to explore the realms of “The Green Collar Economy” by van Jones, Studs Tkl “Hope Dies Last”, and “The End Of Money” by Thomas H. Greco, Jr. You get the idea how The Green Store founders truly do embody the famous quote from Voltaire, “We must cultivate our garden”, along with all visions conjured up when we dare to imagine and seek prosperity for humankind.

An excellent example of how The Green Store fills an important niche in ANY town or city, Colleen has diligently compiled and maintained reference materials and educational information for alternative energy. With all the hot debate we’ve seen over the years regarding “the truth” and future of the energy industry, The Green Store is both for newbies and industry experts.

For example, as solar continues to mature, technology and standards are greatly in flux. As well, folks who are looking to change careers or re-invent old ones should check out The Green Store. Or any one who would like a condensed and comprehensive view of relevant materials available, at their fingertips, check out the library. Examine the latest trends in Solar components and installations, tips to learn and pit-falls to watch for when considering your own solar requirements.

So, stop by The Green Store anytime. The storefront needs your support. Colleen keeps the doors open Tuesday through Saturday, 12 to 6pm, plus special events, workshops and office space rentals. The OB RAG desk is available to aspiring writers and contributors from 12 – 2pm and 4 – 6pm on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Green Store is located at 4348 B, Voltaire Ave, Ocean Beach 92107.




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judi Curry September 15, 2012 at 10:13 am

Colleen is a most gracious hostess. And so knowledgeable.


OB Mercy September 16, 2012 at 9:03 am

This is the kind of store that makes OB….so OB! Colleen rocks!


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